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Myendoapp: the application on endometriosis

Endometriosis is a common female pathology. The danger of this disease is that it remains long without symptoms. For this, it is important to detect it in time.

For a few months, a new application allows you to get there. It is Myendoapp. What is its operating mode ? In this article, find responses !

What is myendoapp ?

MyendoApp is one of the first software entirely dedicated to endometriosis. Free download on Google Play or App Store, the application allows you to detect patients, and follow them in their care.

Using MyendoApp is very simple. Screening led by the predicted tool of the application is the very first step that the user must follow. To do this, the latter must start by creating an account and answer a set of specific questions. The answers to these questions and the powerful algorithm which the application has allowed it to display results which have proven to be almost 88% on many patients. Note that on the profile of a user of the application, there is information concerning the email address, the telephone number, the weight, and the size of the user.

They are important because allowing to personalize the accounts.

Even if it does not replace a good and due consultation, Myendoapp has many advantages for its user. One of the most important is early screening, a guarantee of better care. In addition to putting the patient in permanent contact with the medical team, the software is useful in monitoring processing and in the evaluation of its effectiveness.

It is important to emphasize that for the moment predicted is available according to integrated function and costs around 9 US dollars. Rest assured, these funds are most often useful in research for the implementation of a more complete instrument.

MyendoApp is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iOS version 11 devices.0. It only requires a free space of 36.2 MB for its installation. The software is also available in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

What does MyendoApp ?

The MyendoApp application offers a methodical approach in the support offered to users according to the stage of the’detected endometriosis. Once the test is carried out, the application will present on the subject tested and declared reaches endometriosis, the possibilities of treatment that exist. Users have no concern to do with the information they provide since the operating of the software is done via a completely security accessible account only by the holder. Myendoapp, It must be notified, is not only used for screening for endometriosis cases.

It can be used for many other ends.

In addition, the information being crucial in the processing of the majority of pathologies, MYENDOAPP allows its users to be informed of the essentials. She is indeed responsible, through her experts to provide them with exceptional, rich content capable of illuminating on the disease. They can contain notifications of clinical advances in relation to the treatment of the disease, the daily behavior to be adopted and many others.

In order for the user to miss anything, the updates relating to these publications are sent to the terminal used by the patient. It is also possible to share them on different platforms when these contents are relevant. The data introduced by users are collected unanimously to participate in research efforts for the treatment of endometriosis.

MyendoApp also allows patients in addition to information relating to the’endometriosis to store other health information via a HADS server that you can reach at any time. Whether it’s your good or exams of exams, or other documents, nothing will be overlooked !

Also, the software allows users to audit their lifestyle. Myendoapp, Created by the famous Jean Philippe Estrade, has already had more than 10.000 downloads since January 2020 around the world. Those who have it, very often use it to plan their various medical meetings so as not to forget them.

As stipulated above, the MyendoApp software does not replace a doctor. If the results projected by the software are alarming, go immediately to a specialist to find out more.

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