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What is Pompadour haircut ?

When we talk about elegance generally we use costumes, shoe pairs, but especially hairstyle. Hairstyle is an art, an art of treating hair and changing its appearance. But to make you beautiful the hairdresser will present you several types of hairstyle and among these hairstyles you will certainly discover the pompadour haircut.

And yes this famous cut which is always in fashion. So what is a pompadour haircut ? What are the different possible cuts ? Response elements in this article ..

What is the Pompadour Cup ?

The pompadour haircut is a classic haircut in reference to Madame Pompadour, the favorite of King Louis XV. It is a style of fashionable hairstyle that can be complementary to the toupet, the puff or the Iroquoise crest. Pompadour’s cut is taking shape as follows the hair is voluminous and long in the upper part of the skull.

The principle is to form a form of banana, wearing the top of the head starting from the forehead backwards. Pompadour haircut exists in the form:

  • The degraded form;
  • The Hi-Lo degraded form;
  • The form in Side leaves and pleasant;

It’s a haircut that goes with all faces and hair shape. Nevertheless, it would be better with those who have a round or square face.

How to make a pompadour haircut ?

To make a pompadour haircut It is necessary to take into account the maximum volume possible on your head in order to be able to make the banana crest. Hair on the sides should be short or degraded. It is first of all necessary to find a trustworthy hairdresser and above all capable of making the cup that you will have wanted.

The different pompadour haircuts ?

  • Pompadour with degrade white;

Even if you had hair loss at the front, the pompadour haircut is still achievable and associated with a gradient on the sides, the result of this hair is perfect.

  • Big banana with high gradient;

A pompadour haircut With a big banana, very high and led slightly on the side in a side way or comb over. It is a modern hairstyle with a result that you will certainly love.

  • Perfect Pompadour;

A style of hairstyle that has nothing to envy to the famous King Elvis Presley haircut.

  • Pompadour with line and high degraded;

It is a technical hairstyle bringing together several styles. It’s a top haircut

  • Modern pompadour with line;

It’s a fairly original haircut, the hair is leaping towards the center of the top of the head. A haircut that comes out of the ordinary.

  • High white gradient with large pompadour;

This haircut is a high gradient with a large shape of bananas. With this haircut you cannot go unnoticed.

  • False Hawk with Pompadour;

It’s a beautiful haircut. A hairstyle inspired by Mohawk’s haircut.

  • Pompadour cut at the oblique with gradient;

Another original hairstyle with a banana shape which is cut off in oblique to descend to the back of the skull.

  • Contemporary Pompadour;

A haircut in the air with contours. A hairstyle to adopt for any occasion because it makes you elegant.

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