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Cocooning care of winter

Chapped lips, cracked hands, skin of the shooting, permanent feeling of’discomfort … No more possible doubt: winter is there. With the arrival of the first cold, the epidermis is torn and martyred in its smallest corners. Organ living the largest in your body, the epidermis forms a waterproof protective barrier for your body against external aggressions – shocks, friction in particular – while preserving your deep tissues to be in contact with the ambient atmosphere by playing the Immune barrier role. If its primary role is therefore to protect you, the skin is also strongly involved in temperature regulation, in the elimination of waste produced by your metabolism, but also has a sensory and psychological function.

In short, this layer is essential to you. So many reasons for Pass your beauty routine at winter time ! Place cocooning and comforting care.

The gestures to adopt on a daily basis to spend the winter

Adopt "beauty attitude"

Ten minutes are enough on a daily basis so that you do the little beauty rituals that do good to your skin. Simple and effective gestures that allow you to take advantage of a break to feel good. Known for its virtues in the event of bruises, bumps, Helichryse essential oil is also your beauty ally.

Indispensable for your natural beauty kit, it promotes healing, improves skin texture in case of acne, eczema, psoriasis in particular. Helichryse essential oil also allows you to repair the blues of the soul enough to start your day without false note. A real soothing active, it is also precious to fight against the signs of skin aging, accentuated by the frost of winter. In a word: ideal. On the sidelines, remember to apply an ice cube slipped into your toilet glove to erase traces of fatigue.

A massage with a moisturizer adapted to your skin type will also allow you to reduce the marks of time and especially to wear a fresh and relaxed face. If you are a follower of makeup, in the evening come and take the time to make a make -up. First use a cleansing oil for example to massage the face, clean with a suitable soap and rinse with lukewarm water before applying a lotion to soften and hydrate your skin.

And finally, once a week, give yourself a home break and purify your skin with a scrub, a homemade exfoliant of course then, a nourishing mask.

Adopt a "Heathly lifestyle"

Nothing like a healthy, balanced and varied food To preserve your immune system, but also and above all, take care of your skin. Fighting vitamins, trace elements by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding too fatty, too sweet, too salty foods, avoiding junkfood and industrial dishes allows you to have brilliant skin. And, in case of deficiencies, you can always complete your diet by using food supplements to strengthen your body's capacities to face winter rigor.

To have beautiful skin, it is also essential to have a Good sleep quality combined with regular physical activity. Whatever your age, your physical condition, it is imperative to take the time to sleep from the just sleep to recover. You can adopt one of the good existing gestures for that.

Also adapt your sports activities. And for good reason, if sport strengthens your immune system, fighting stress, preventing cardiovascular diseases in particular, it above all eliminates toxins. Toxins that will not be stored in the skin !

Finally, during the cold season, it is important to cover yourself well. The important thing is to cover your ends: head, neck, gloves, socks. The latter become fashionable again, you can then exhibit them without committing Fashion Faux. Remember to favor clothes that can easily be removed if the temperature of a room is pleasant. Finally, at the office as at home, aircraft at the risk of transforming space into a microbial culture broth and do not overheat.

The ideal temperature for a living room – office, living room, dining room, kitchen for example – is 19 ° C, for a bedroom is 17 ° C, for a bathroom is 22 ° C during use.

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