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Change of season: how to do good to your body naturally ?

Change of season rhymes with detoxification. Whatever the objectives (weight loss, body cleaning, change of eating habits), detox cure is a good way to make you good naturally. And spring is a good time to go back on good foundations and achieve your weight loss goals. Discover the effective and easy -to -dust detox cures to dust your body !

What is a detox cure ?

Our lifestyles, our environment, our diet have an impact on the health of our body. The foods we consume lead to the production of toxins at the time of digestion. In principle, the internal cleaning system, composed in particular of the liver and kidneys, makes it possible to eliminate these harmful agents.

However, certain factors such as stress, junk food or lack of physical activity can lead to their accumulation in the liver. Consequently, this organ sometimes has difficulty playing its role as a purification plant.

This is where the detox cure comes into play for the’Help accomplish this task. Detoxification can take different forms. Some use plant -based preparations, others prefer to make a detoxifying diet. A mix of the two data also good results.

The idea of the treatment being to take care of the liver by allowing it to regenerate so that it can work optimally again.

Prepare for your detox cure

When the liver struggles to sort the toxins, symptoms appear:
• Fatigue
• Less complexion
• Weakened immune system
• Weight gain
• Changing mood

This is why it is very important to take care of this essential organ.

A detox cure necessarily involves a modification of lifestyle habits. For the body to be purified, good reflexes are useful. Practice a physical activity of your choice at least once a day.

A simple moderate intensity step is enough. The important thing is to move every day. If you can, go and recharge your batteries for a weekend or a few days of vacation, in the open air. This advice is all the more important if you live in urban areas.

Cities are obviously more polluted. Breathing less polluted air from time to time is of paramount importance to preserve your health.

On the food side, small habits make the difference. The idea is not to follow a drastic diet, but rather to make choices to facilitate digestion and avoid storing toxins. A diet rich in fat makes the work of the digestive system more complicated. Consume fat foods like cold meats, cheese, pastries sparingly.

Fats are also to be used in moderation. Avoid saturated fat and added sugars. Red meats are also foods that must be eaten in very small quantities. Diversify your diet by consuming seasonal vegetables and fiber -rich legumes.

These food choices will help you feel good in your body. If you had a rich meal in a day, favor lighter meals the rest of the day.

In addition to freeing your body from harmful agents, these different habits will allow you to lose weight and reach your shape.

Hydration is also very important. In winter and summer, remember to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. When you eat, it is important to chew food well. Avoid consuming exciting drinks, such as coffee or alcohol.

These small gestures positively influence digestion work.

Detox cure: juice and food supplements

To boost your detox cure, prepare smoothies. These energy drinks based on vegetables and fruit are deemed to be very effective in cleaning your body in depth. A green smoothie made of kale, apple and kiwi will allow you to fill up with energy. For even more efficiency, add lemon, recognized for its positive effects for the liver.

Many associations are possible and all have virtues for the body. Adding spices is also recommended. Cinnamon and turmeric are two particularly effective spices in detoxification.

Food supplements are also recommended as part of a detox cure. The Mésségué brand offers a range of detox food supplements. Combles in capsules are completely indicated in cure of a few weeks.

It is important to respect the dosage. Vegetable coal is one of the ingredients used for its liver benefits. Associated with fennel, it helps to get rid of bloating and other inconveniences linked to poor digestion.

Lactic ferments are other active ingredients to consider for effective detox. These good bacteria repeal the intestinal flora and allow it to operate adequately. The dandelion in capsules or herbal tea is also a good ally of a detoxification cure of the body.

Its high content of vitamins and antioxidants makes it particularly effective in eliminating toxins.

The black radish, slightly spicy to taste, is frequently used in detox cures, for a long time. This herbaceous plant is a friend’s friend of the liver. Its action on the body makes it possible to intensify bile secretions to evacuate them through digestion.

A cure of 2 to 3 weeks, at the rate of 4 to 6 capsules per day, is enough to obtain results.

Desmodium and rosemary promote hepatic drainage. In cure, two capsules per day help improve the functioning of the liver and help to regenerate the organism in a sustainable manner. Rosemary associated with artichoke is also a good combination to obtain this type of results.

Taking food supplements is to be considered if you want to boost your body and can also help you achieve your weight loss goal if it is associated with a balanced diet and regular physical activity practice.

Plants contain active ingredients that are not suitable for everyone. If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, you should not take food supplements based on plants. Children should not consume it either.

In addition, if you have a chronic disease or if you follow a medical treatment, whatever it is, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before considering taking these products.

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