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How to choose your men’s boxer ?

Choose a boxer n’is not as trivial as’We believe it: color, material, size … how to choose your men’s boxer ? How to measure your waist ? Cotton, viscose, lycra, microfiber: what materials favor ? Natural, synthetic or combined materials ? Here is our guide to choose a men’s boxer.

How to choose a boxer ?

The boxer for men is available in two forms: long boxer and short boxer. Above all, why choose a boxer ? The men’s boxer is more graceful than the pants and more discreet than the shorts. VS’is therefore the right compromise to keep your private parts in place and warm.

To choose between the long or short boxer, it all depends on your outfit and your activities. The long boxer arrives until’half-thighs and is ideal for playing sports. As for the short boxer, it descends just below the buttocks and s’Adapts to N’importing outfit, especially shorts in summer.

The other criteria for choosing a man boxer are the color and the patterns. Design question, you n’probably don’t need advice, everyone has tastes. Then you will have to choose the size and material.

These last two factors are important for your comfort.

How to choose the size of your men’s boxer ?

Choose the size of underwear n’is not easy, because the sizes differ depending on the brands. How to know your boxing size ? Generally, measure your waist is enough. Here is a small guide to international sizes:

What is the best material for a man boxer?

What is the best material for a men’s boxer ?

Boxer’s material is not chosen according to its male dress style, but comfort, maintenance and’aeration. The most used materials to make boxers are of course cotton and microfiber.

  • The 100 % cotton boxer: cotton is a breathable, gentle, hypoallergenic material and a little rigid and therefore frozen, but resistant to washing.
  • The elastane cotton boxer: elastane cotton or stretch is a very widespread material. Generally, there are more or less 90 % cotton and 10 % synthetic fibers that makes cotton more flexible and elastic. If you like tight boxes, opt for a boxer that contains at least 20 % D’elastane.
  • The microfiber boxer: microfiber is known for its optimal comfort and allows to leave perspiration of’evaporate. So we have a very breathable material, much appreciated by athletes.
  • The modal: this material is obtained from wooden cellulose fibers. It is rarer on the human boxers market, but it allows’Have elegant boxers with a silky and shiny appearance. In addition, the modal absorbs better’humidity than cotton, while being very resistant.
  • Lycra: very elastic, the highra boxer retains its initial shape, never deforms and does not crush.

There are D’Other materials to design boxers such as polyamide, viscose and polyester. However, these are materials that have less’advantages that cotton, microfiber, lycra and modal and which are less long -term resistant. In addition, if you like to wear microfiber boxers, alternate with 100 % cotton boxers, especially if you do a lot of sport. Synthetic materials are actually more conducive to leaving the yeast infections: here is a new factor of amazing choice !

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