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Best LE Calendar’Beer Advent: selection of 3 essentials

Beer and chocolate: here is an amazing association ! Why choose between the two for the Lagen of the’Advent ? This year, decide and let yourself be carried away by an entire beer tasting month with your new l calendar’Advent ! Here are our top 3 calendars of the’this year's beer advent.

How to choose an L calendar Beer Advent ?

You are determined to test the LE Calendar’Advent beer this year and you don't know how to choose, because of choice, there are ! Generally, two criteria come back the most: thee type of beer and le Price. Indeed, as we can see in shops like http: // calendars which offer beer calendars, there are different types of products: Breton beer calendars, craft beers, world beers, European brasseries beer, etc.

What is the LE Calendar’cheapest beer advent ? Among all the calendars of the’Advent beer, the cheapest is the calendar a small foam at 59.95 euros. It does d’elsewhere from our top 3 of the best calendars in’Beer Advent.

The best LE calendar’Bed advent: a small foam

December approach and the calendar of the’Advent beer makes you’eye ? The one offers with a small foam is the best level price level value price. VS’is the cheapest and it contains 24 beers to discover day after day or with your loved ones on New Years Eve. The calendar is in the form of mini fridge, Bottles of beer are therefore elongated.

Boxes contain Artisanal beers from France and the world: Lager, Sour, Ipa, Stout, American Pale Ale, etc.

The calendar A small foam is available in two versions: initiation & Discovery € 59.95 and L Calendar’Advent of craft beers at 69.95 €. The first calendar includes classic beers, while the second offers more specific beers, especially beers from micro-breweries in the world.

most : the beer calendar A small foam contains an explanatory sheet with culinary agreements depending on each beer.


V&B: L’one of the best calendars in’Beer Advent

The calendar of the’Advent beers V&B is the direct and serious competitor of the calendar a small foam. The brand specializing in the sale of drinks of all kinds (beer, wine, spirits, rums, whiskeys, alcohol -free drinks) lends itself to Christmas and offers 2 beer calendars ::

  • Classic beer calendar at € 59.90 : 24 beers to discover, selected from 1000 references (3 in 25 cl format and 21 in 33 cl format) + a beer spacing.
  • Craft beer calendar at € 79.90 : 24 exclusive craft beers, in 33 cl format and each beer comes from’A French micro-brewery.

Ver&B are presented in the form of an elongated fridge and thethe beers are presented to debut. The classic model has a design in perfect adequacy with the Christmas theme, both in terms of colors and illustrations. The Craft calendar is more atypical and the design is more focused on French culture.

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