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How to prepare for retirement ?

In its current form, the pension system is threatened by the aging of the population. Indeed, the gap is widening between the number of contributors and beneficiaries of retirement. Pensions are likely to lower considerably in the future.

However, they are already insufficient to live decently. To protect yourself from precariousness, it is important to build up a capital to complete your retirement.

Prepare your retirement: how to go about it ?

the retirement often leads to a drop in income and a change in living standards. The situation may vary significantly depending on the heritage and additional resources of the retiree. Nevertheless, an assiduous saver is generally capable of maintaining its purchasing power.

It is therefore necessary to wonder early how to prepare your retirement, to age in all serenity.

On the other hand, some workers stress by considering the end of their career. This feeling can come from financial concerns or the fear of boredom. In both cases, it is essential to prepare your retirement in order to better experience the change.

Anticipation is the key to making the retirement fulfilling.

Prepare your retirement: how to go about it?

Save in advance for his retirement

There is no ideal time to save his retirement. The best solution is to capitalize early during his career. Thus, cumulative funds will be able to expand over the years.

This initiative also makes it possible to gradually refine its savings strategy and optimize long -term yields.

That said, it is never too late to save for the retire. The retirement age is currently around 65. Even at 50, he remains 15 years to save and invest the constituted capital. Late savings can however create a feeling of emergency and encourage to bet on risky investments.

Therefore, it is best to save in advance to prepare serenely for retirement.

Secure its finances with real estate investments

Real estate investments are often recommended for a savingsman wanting prepare for retirement. This type of placement is actually recognized as a long -term value. Thus, the stone is immediately unsuitable for a short investment horizon.

It can also cause the funds of a worker who wishes both to save and create an emergency fund.

Nevertheless, real estate investment is now available under a myriad of forms. It is notably possible to invest in physical goods or shares of buildings, offices, parking lots … Concretely, a SCPI allows, for example, to share the costs and rents of real estate with other investors. The support is thus promising and safe for the saver.

Choose good life insurance

Life insurance has long been one of the favorite investments of individuals. This craze is explained, among other things, by its potential remuneration, its Capital warranty and its advantageous taxation. Despite the drop in returns, the offer remains interesting for a tax optimization or a succession.

However, life insurers are now limiting access to Euros funds to guaranteed capital. Consumers must therefore choose from contracts including volatile assets via account units. These UCs require special attention to reduce the risk of losses.

It is nevertheless possible to integrate relatively reliable supports such as SCPIs or OPCIs.

Set up your pension request

In order to prepare your retirement, it is imperative to archive administrative documents from the start of your career. The worker must in particular keep his pay sheets, his employment contracts, his certificates pole employment … These elements will allow his retirement rights to be justified. For the request in itself, it is advisable to start the process within 18 months preceding the departure date.

However, the applicant must register on the info-retirement site to find out his personal situation and verify information on his career. After any corrections, simply fill out the online pension request form and join the supporting documents. The request can also be made physically with its affiliation fund.

Prepare your retirement: how to go about it?

Plan your retirement

Boredom is a subject too often underestimated in seniors. However, it is a real source of anxiety. The situation is all the more problematic for a new retiree.

Indeed, he changed suddenly and radically of pace after long years of career. To remedy it, it is important to plan your retirement.

The idea is to prepare slowly to approach this new stage of existence. This approach involves the finalization of administrative formalities and the implementation of an end -of -activity calendar. By anticipating its departure date, the future retiree facilitates the transition to his new lifestyle.

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