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How to wear the wooden butterfly knot ?

In search of’An accessory that sets you apart at the’occasion d’an evening ? Opt for the Wooden butterfly knot which guarantees you a guaranteed success provided you wear it well. Presentation of this hyper trendy accessory both daring and offbeat, but retaining all its elegance.

The wooden butterfly knot: an original way to stand out

If l’One often wonders how to choose the perfect tie for a particular opportunity, we often exclude for lack of knowledge or by certain prejudices of’Other types of’accessories which however have proud gait. The wooden butterfly knot is one of them.

Considered as chip by some, cheesy for d’others, even unknown to the battalion, it however has a lot of charm and can be a means of’Express certain ecological convictions. Indeed, favoring wood with fabric is more durable and respectful of the’environment.

Furthermore, there are All kinds of wooden butterfly knots going from the most classic to the most original. Indeed, one can find it in united or multicolored wood, and it is also possible to’Wear it with all kinds dug patterns for the original and personalized key.

When and how to wear it ?

All opportunities are good for carrying it. It is an ideal alternative to the classic butterfly knot worn for a special event, such as a conference, a conference, a wedding, an evening, etc. But, it can also be carried in a less formal context, hipster -style.

In the street, at the office, at the restaurant, there is a myriad of’Daily occasions during which to wear a wooden butterfly knot.

All outfits are also welcome to display a wooden butterfly knot. S’It is more common to see him wear on the collar D’A shirt to replace a classic tie or bow tie, it can also be worn in the neck. For more style in the hipster way, you can even wear on a turtleneck.

You can also enhance it with a jacket, suspenders, sneakers, moccasins, a pocket watch. It’s up to you to see what style you want to adopt and how to do it according to that. If you want to play it Peaky Blinders, So we can only recommend the suspenders, butterfly knots, pocket watch and white shirt, with of course shiny shoe shoes !

Depending on the color and the’Originality of your wooden paillon knot, adjust it well to your outfit to avoid falling to make a flop. S’It is, for example, light in color, wear it with a darker shirt and vice versa. This contrast will make it possible to put the’accessory in value that’He does not go unnoticed.

S’He has patterns, it would be wise to wear it with a united shirt rather than’it too patterns, so as not to saturate the outfit. Too many patterns kill the pattern.

When and how to wear it?

What model of wooden butterfly knot to favor ?

All D’First, all the wooden butterflies are not made with the same wood species. You can find Walnut wooden butterfly knots, oak, Mongoy or Sapelli and’still others. S’they n’have not undergone treatment and are sold in raw wood, so color variations will not be the same. For example, oak is a rather light type of wood, while walnut will be darker.

The Sapelli will give an ideal pinkish tone for those in search of’originality.

In addition, wood can be united in a classic way, but also worked with sculpted or dug patterns for more’originality. All patterns exist: plants, geometrics, animals, etc. It’s up to you to have fun and see what reasons could correspond to your personality. You are rather brought to nature ? Opt for plant patterns.

You prefer travel and discoveries ? Opt for original patterns like those in the Nordic Wood Canada collection. If you are U. animal lovers, try to find a bow tie with animal patterns. We find everything on the market, and C’is almost a challenge for some to find the most original wooden butterfly knot. Why not get started too ?

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