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How to know if you have a vitamin B9 deficiency ?

Folic acid, better known as vitamin B9, is essential in the proper functioning of the body. It is one of the vitamins soluble in water and whose presence is necessary for many mechanisms of the human body.

What is the role of vitamin B9 ?

Regular consumption of folic acid is vital for health. Indeed, vitamin B9 plays a role in the treatment and prevention of certain diseases.

It reduces hypertension in women

A considerable contribution in folic acid reduces the risk of hypertension by around 29 % in young women. The effect is lower in elderly women, but it is still present.

However, the follow -up of vitamin B9 on the body do not replace the role of other factors acting on blood pressure. For example, it will always be advisable to consume salt in moderation, to eat balanced and play sports regularly.

It prevents malformations of the nervous system of the fetus

The doctor often advises pregnant women to have folic acid during their 4th week of pregnancy. This micronutrient intervenes in the production of DNA which contains all the genetic information of each human being.

The Vitamin B9 is necessary and important for the good development of the fetus. It actively participates in the formation of the nervous system and fetal cells.

It is crucial to the immune system

A regular vitamin B9 contribution contributes to the formation of red blood cells and the renewal of cells. An immune system that works very well is characterized by the presence of a normal rate of folic acid in its body.

Vitamin B9 is also important for the renewal of white blood cells as well as skin and intestines cells.

It improves cognitive performance

Vitamin B9 and vitamin B6 play an important role in strengthening cognitive performance. It allows you to have a good memory and better concentration.

In people already prone to Alzheimer’s disease, folic acid taking will help brake the cognitive decline. This will considerably improve the state of people suffering from the disease.

What are the symptoms of a vitamin B9 deficiency ?

The lack of vitamin B9 can be due to the small amount of different types of vitamins in the body. This deficiency is generally manifested by several signals.


Folic acid deficiency can slow the production of red blood cells. This is anemia resulting from a vitamin deficit. In general, the person who suffers will have a paler complexion than usual.

This can lead to the impoverishment of blood, a state of weakness and a drop in oxygen flow. This dysfunction can cause different discomforts such as fatty, shortness of breath and dizziness. A regular vitamin B9 socket, Vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 promotes the production of red blood cells to increase blood production.

Swelling of the tongue

Glossitis is often a sign of a vitamin B9 deficiency. In addition to pain, the tongue takes a much red color than normal. This organ becomes smoother instead of being rough, following the destruction of the pupil or the sensory organ of taste.

This symptom is to be differentiated from glossodynia. In this case, the language is painful, but without any change in color and appearance. We must also distinguish these cases from marginee glossitis which results in white plates at the level of the language.

Permanent fatigue

Fatigue occurs due to the absence of red blood cell and oxygen in the body. In addition to that, the deficient person will lack concentration. It can develop a memory loss that accentuates over the ages.

If vitamin B9 deficiency is not treated quickly, it can cause loss of appetite and weight.

Why I lack vitamin B9 ?

Vitamin B9 is sensitive to light, heat and boiling. Because of this, it dissipates easily when the food is exposed to heat of 100 ° C or prolonged cooking. Since it is soluble in water, it can thus disappear in the cooking water.

Pregnant women are also naturally predisposed to lack vitamin B9. The same goes for children in the middle of growth. However, these people have an increased need for folic acid and must consume more vitamins than the others.

Quite frequent consumption of alcohol is also the source of folic acid deficiency. The same observation is visible after taking medication such as antibiotics and contraceptives.

Where to find vitamin B9 in food ?

The spinach sheet is the first green vegetable to be extremely rich in vitamin B9. We find this acid in all green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, whole grains and legumes.

In animal foods, vitamin B9 is present in the poultry liver and foie gras. You can also find it in the red bean, nuts, dandelion, strawberries and cooked eggs.

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