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7 essential rules to follow to gently achieve your bodybuilding goals !

Build a bodybuilding program, c’is good ! Manage to follow him and remain motivated in time, c’is even better. Whether you are a beginner, amateur, semi-professional or bodybuilding adventurer, there are certain rules that you have to work on a daily basis so as not to succumb to injuries and demotivation.

This article aims to touch the elementary principles of’A powerful weight training program, the errors to avoid as well as the small strategies to apply to perform quickly.

Food properly before, during and after each training

If you really want to harvest the fruits of your efforts, you have an interest in holding a vigilant it on your eating habits. To start, stop training empty bellies, whatever the’time you have placed your training. If you love taking advantage of your mornings to perform your weight training exercises, always have breakfast and make sure that’It is well balanced. This will allow you to fill the fast of the night, to provide a little of’energy to your body and prepare it to face the coming exercises. Very true, during weight training sessions, all athletes n’not appreciate the effects of digestion.

Is it your case ? So, slightly reduce the quantity of the food ration you ingest before you throw yourself on your weight training devices (machines, benches). If you prefer to carry out your training at the end of the day and you have taken your last meal four hours before, it is better to ingest a snack without however exaggerating. A protein bar and a few grapes will largely suffice.

In addition, be aware that each exercise you will practice during your training will not only reduce your energy reserves, but also the performance of your muscle fibers. In doing so, you must bring your body just after your training a good dose of easily assimilable protein and carbohydrates to compensate for the energy spent and allow your muscles to recover or adequately grow.

Opt for an intra-training drink, if you can

Precisely, this advice n’is not a must. Nevertheless, if you want to strengthen your body or surpass yourself, it is worth it. You can buy this drink directly on the market or prepare it at home by mixing various food supplements (BCAA, Glutamine, etc.)).

If you n’are not a regular and that your budget is a little tight, pour in your gourd 10 g of glutamine and 10 g of BCAA. You will get a good cocktail. Please note: be sure not to abuse it, otherwise you may harvest the’reverse effect (anxiety, nausea, drastic increase in your heart rate).

You can go to page D’Optigura to discover vogue weight training products on the market.

Warm up, prepare your body before you start anything

They throw themselves on bodybuilding devices, machines and benches without taking the time of’warm up. This is the very first error that most beginners make. VS’is D’Elsewhere for which they often injure themselves, get tired, miss their goals and end up abandoning after a few months of vain efforts. To progress effectively in bodybuilding without the slightest scratch, you always warm up before you start.

Whatever your bodybuilding program, preliminary warm -ups will help you step by step your heart rate, your breathing and your internal temperature. In doing so, your lungs’Oxygenate, your joints will lubricate, your body’will gradually adapt to the rise in blood pressure and you will be less subject to injuries, cramps or other tears. CAUTION: By stretching before your weight training exercises, your muscles s’will weaken.

So during your warm -up, never stretch. S’train yes, but s’stretch no !

Work on joint movements

The articular (poly) movements remain acclaimed in bodybuilding if you are thinking of cutting an athletic, enduring and aesthetic physique. They remain not only more functional, but stimulate and enormously strengthen the body. When you start in bodybuilding or when’We want to acquire mass, we often packs with exercises’Insulation which, believe us, s’completely counterproductive.

So, now, instead of hanging on to the exercises of’Isolation, prefer joint movements (poly) which are certainly more difficult, but more effective.

Diversify your bodybuilding exercises and often change their order

To evolve by step as a giant or reach your goals more serenely, review your weight training program as you progress. Enrich it most often with new movements and frequently change techniques when you are making these movements. During your training, bet on negative, progressive, decreasing series, at medium speed or at maximum speed.

In short, build a dynamic bodybuilding program, innovate and do not leave your body during’accustom a monotonous or routine training: it would quickly stagnate.

Find people with whom S’drive

If you are thinking of progressing in time and in the’space, you will necessarily need’one or more bodybuilding companions with whom you will share your passion. When’We start in bodybuilding, it is strongly not recommended to live in the’isolation or try to train alone. When we are’leads in groups of two, three, five or ten, we motivate each other better’one’Other, we correct ourselves positively, we give ourselves advice.

In short, we are likely to defeat our daily worries. Two are always better than’a. By finding honest and loyal people who wish to progress in bodybuilding like you, you are more likely to keep your motivation.

But only, you risk sinking into despair and demotivation.

Rest often and go a single step at a time

S’drive frequently over a long period, c’is good. But’Exaggeration will certainly harm your health, weaken your immune defenses and sabot your motivation. It is therefore advisable to frequently take leave throughout the’year to recharge your batteries, rest, recover and allow your muscles to develop adequately.

Observe a week of break every quarter, this is where to start.

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