Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Why make the choice of’A ceiling stretched for its interior ?

You all know that, I am passionate about decoration and constantly looking for new things to improve my interior. Today today’Hui, j’want to tell you about the tense ceiling technique that comes to personalize the most sober interiors and dress your home very simply.

The stretched ceiling that’What is it’is ?

The tense ceiling presents the’advantage of being able to be personalized at the’infinite, sober or more colored according to your needs and expectations. They’acts indeed’A large virgin canvas composed of PVC or polyurethane to decorate according to your good wishes which will come to cover (without altering) your existing ceiling. He comes so s’Add to your real ceiling that’it is in stone, d’A color that displeases you, in stone or brick.

Pose D’A stretched ceiling helps camouflage the ravages of time on its ceiling’origin without having to redo everything and initiate major expenses. In addition to that, ceiling canvases can have particular properties such as acoustic canvases, thermal canvases, anti-bacterial, anti-acarian canvas … In addition, it should be noted that whatever the canvas installed, acoustic insulation and thermal of its interior insofar as it slightly decreases the volume.

To make your tense ceiling quote, several data must be taken into account and will increase prices starting with the surface to cover but also the number of’angles present in your room. It is also to be noted that the’advantage of’A tense ceiling is that the’installation is very fast and moving furniture n’is not necessarily necessary.

How to install a ceiling stretched at home ?

To hide nothing, the stretched ceilings are generally installed by professionals but it’is not impossible to do it yourself with good techniques and processes. Thus, profiles are set up on all the walls of your room at the level where the canvas will be installed later. The canvas will thus blend with the dimensions of your room and have the most beautiful renderings.

However, it is necessary to be aware that’A certain technique is requested called hot or cold depending on the way to do. Thus, hot installation requires, as its name l’indicates, that the canvas is heated to 50 degrees, a temperature that makes the room unreponsible. Polyester canvases can be installed cold, at room temperature without having to bring the part to an exaggerated temperature.

Whether your room is thus a real good square or has quite atypical dimensions, nothing will resist you at your disposal. Note that L’addition’A stretched ceiling will reduce (but still) the height you have on ceiling. Indeed, a small space called plenum is necessarily left free between the canvas and the real ceiling to accommodate in particular the technical installations (insulation, cables, surplus canvas).

You too n’hesitate more for your redevelopment of’interior by opting for a tense ceiling background.

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