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Le Monte-Estalier: L’Investment to stay living at home

The question of the autonomy of the elderly is more and more significant in France: with the extension of life expectancy and the increase in the number of elderly people, it is normal that the question of the autonomy of the seniors posed. It is also the subject of a delegated ministry responsible for autonomy, linked to the Ministry of Health. Aging in good conditions involves maintaining the independence and autonomy of seniors, who often want to stay live in their homes.

This is where the installation of a staction comes in: this device is often essential for the elderly to stay at home, taking advantage of the entirety of their accommodation without fear of the staircase test. Focus on frequent issues related to investment in a staircase !

When you have to invest in a staircase ?

First question: when you have to decide to invest in a staircase ? It’s quite logical, but it will depend on the individual situation of the elderly.

Know that a senior can very badly experience the fact that his family installs a staircase before even problems of autonomy arise: if the elderly has no difficulty in going up and down the steps, this n ‘ is not worth anticipating too much, at the risk of upsetting the main interested party. On the other hand, it is better to do it quickly when the first difficulties or pain appear: this will allow you to take the time to choose an adapted model, that the installation period is not problematic, and that the senior gets used to This new device. Discuss it with the elderly if they are resistant to the installation of a stairlift, explaining in particular that this solution will allow them to stay at home and that it will be less expensive than paying a retirement home.

The stairlift can also be rented: so you should not necessarily invest in a final staircase. The rental solution can be more economical for a short time of use, as when the senior is waiting to obtain a place in nursing homes. Also note that a staircase can be installed on interior stairs, as external, and on any type of stairs (narrow, rights, spiral, curved).

A tenant can also install a stew-staunch chair at home, and the owner cannot demand that he be removed from the accommodation when the rental stops.

When should you invest in a stairlift?

How to choose it ?

To choose the right staircase, some tips:

  • Buy it from a manufacturer and not from a dealer : We can be tempted to save on the price by turning to a stewer reseller, but we do not recommend this solution. A manufacturer will really be able to guide you on the model adapted to your stairs and the needs of the senior, offer you 3D modeling of the staircase in the accommodation so that you realize better, or even make it tailor-made.
  • Adapt your staircase to the shape of the staircase : different models are present on the market, and it is not for nothing. An up-and-in-staircase armchair on a right staircase is not the same as a staircase suitable for a curved staircase. Likewise, if you want to install it on an outdoor staircase, you will have to turn to staircases made with weather-resistant materials.
  • Choose a model that goes well with interior decoration : If relatives choose for the senior, we advise you to discuss it with the main interested party and choose a color of armchair that goes well with the decoration of his home. If the elderly is little inclined to this installation, show him that there are today pretty models that will go well in his house.
  • Ask all your questions to a professional : This is why it is better to turn to a manufacturer, who can give you the details on the different models and guide you on the best choice to make.

What is the average price of’A stairlift ?

Last important question: the price of a stairlift. We tell you right away, an average price does not mean much, everything will depend on the number of stages of the accommodation, the shape of the stairs or the chosen model. Be aware, however, that it takes at least several thousand euros: the range coarsely oscillates between 2,500 euros and a dozen thousands of euros.

A stairlift therefore represents a substantial sum, which must however be put into perspective with the quality of life won by the senior. In some cases, aids and subsidies are possible.

It is possible to buy second-hand high staircase armchairs, lowering the price to pay. We have also already talked about the rental, which will also help small budgets, provided that the stairlift is used for a short time.

The best advice to find out how much you would cost you the installation of a staircase in your accommodation is to go and make a quote for a staircase price taking into account the characteristics of the accommodation and your criteria. It is ultimately the only price that must interest you ! Do not neglect the many, numerous aids which can lighten the cost of this device.

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