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3 options to renovate your pool

The winter season is particularly suitable for renovating your swimming pool. Unused, the latter can be emptied and dried with less inconvenience than’in summer. But what option to choose to make your renovation last a long time and make your swimming pool even more pleasant than’before ? We invite you to go around the question by discovering pool paint, mosaic and tiles.

Take advantage of the’winter to repaint your pool

Over the years, painting your pool S’is flaked up. She may be much duller than’in the first days and you wish to offer him a second youth. To achieve this you will need to use a pool paint that will resist the various bad weather, but also to the treatments you use to treat the’water from your pool.

After having emptied and dried up’integrality of your pool, you can repaint it from the’interior’outside. However, you will have to ensure that the weather conditions allow drying without too wet weather. If, in your region, L’winter n’is not dry enough, it will be better to wait for another season to repaint your pool.

Why renovate your pool with mosaic ?

After painting, mosaic is a method often used to restore a new appearance to a swimming pool. Often used for kitchen credencies or worktops, the latter offers a particularly pleasant rendering to the’eye in a pool. But, it’is not his only advantage.

Indeed, there are many varieties of mosaic. The latter presents itself in different forms, different colors and even variable textures that will offer you as many possible combinations as you want. Its simple installation can be carried out by you or by those of’a professional if you prefer.

However, this will require more time and a greater investment than if you are using painting.

The advantages of tiles in your pool

Larger than mosaic, but also more expensive than paint, tiling is the third option that will allow you to renovate your pool. Tile tiles exist in different materials, more or less resistant to shocks and bad weather. They will offer you a particularly pleasant visual. You can also use them all around it.

It is good to know that certain types of tiles are designed especially for this purpose and ensure you to walk without slipping, even with wet feet. If l’We generally represent the white or blue pool tiles, there are all the colors and various formats. You can therefore give free rein to your imagination. In addition, the tiles are particularly simple to maintain and clean. To help you, you can even use autonomous devices that will work for you for effortless use.

Once your renovation has been made, you will only have’Take advantage of your swimming pool upon returning from the summer season for refreshing moments.

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