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How to regain hair mass ?

How to regain hair mass?

If you feel that your hair is losing volume, you should turn to the most effective products and tips for Densify your hair mass again.

How to regain hair mass ?

Hair loss is a problem that many people face and can have several causes. Fortunately, there are easy to implement solutions to remedy this effectively. The most important thing is to know that you need to find effective products to take care of your hair every day.

This is the first condition to quickly recover a good hair mass.

How to regain hair mass?

Why do we lose hair ?

The hair loss This is actually a fairly natural phenomenon. There is nothing alarming about finding a few hairs in your brush every morning when you comb your hair. However, it can happen that it becomes more important. For example, you could lose your hair in your sleep, and find it all over your pillow.

You could also lose it in the shower, or find a large handful in your brush.

In this case, a solution must be found in order to remedy it quickly, otherwise you risk losing all your hair. However, before looking for a treatment, you should first look at the cause of the problem and try to fight the problem at its root. The causes of this phenomenon are multiple, and can vary depending on whether it is a man or a woman:

  • In men, hair loss is caused by hormonal problems. The two most frequent problems are baldness and androgenetic alopecia. Hormones influence the hair cycle, which explains why hair loss is more frequent in men, to the point that they sometimes go bald.
  • In women, hair loss is caused by life events. It can be pregnancy or menopause, which cause significant hormonal changes. It can also happen that in cases of great stress or extreme fatigue, women lose their hair. It should not be forgotten that women who are addicted to smoking also have this problem.

It is important to know that some causes of vitamin E deficiency are not always the same hair loss can be common to both sexes. It may be due to certain illnesses or the use of various medications. It can even happen that a bad diet or a trauma causes the same reaction.

Why do we lose hair?

How to densify hair mass ?

Despite all these causes that can cause hair loss, it is possible to regain a beautiful head of hair thanks to different solutions. It is true that depending on the cause, the process to have denser hair again can be longer and more complex. However, you must keep in mind that it is not an impossible mission.

You can seek advice from a professional who will direct you to the most effective products to restore volume to your hair. Kerastase brand products are generally the most recommended. They are particularly effective in combating hair loss.

If you have a problem with hair that is too thin or lacks substance, you can turn to silicone-free products designed for this purpose. You can also use products such as the amplifying mousse or the volumizing mask, in order to bring volume to your hair, from the roots to the ends.

How to take care of your hair ?

Whether or not you are facing a problem of hair loss, you need to adopt an effective daily routine to maintain your hair. This will help you prevent the risk of hair loss in an effective and lasting way. You will need specific products such as Kerastase shampoo. You can also follow these tips:

Use a serum to protect your hair

The serum can act as a protective shield when you need to use heated appliances on your hair. It is usually a formula that covers the hair with a sheath, thus limiting the action of heat on the fiber.

Use a serum to protect your hair

Be very careful with wet hair

When hair is wet, that’s when it’s most vulnerable. So avoid combing them violently and pulling them, because they could easily get damaged.

Make a regular hair appointment

You should make sure to go to a hairdresser at least once every 6 weeks. In this way, you can get rid of dry and split ends that affect the health of your hair.

Find the right hair care accessories

It is important to find good quality accessories for hair care, and especially avoid overdoing it with devices that you do not necessarily need. Indeed, for the daily care, a brush or a comb to discipline his hair will be well enough.

Find quality products

As well as the devices, the hair care products to use should be chosen with the utmost care. Some may contain substances that do more harm than good to the scalp. So be sure to choose a conditioning shampoo that matches your hair type.

Do the same for the choice of detangler and mask to buy.

For How to fix the hair loss problem, it is important to have good quality equipment and care products. Ask your professional for advice to make sure you make the right choice.

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