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How to automatically open Spotify when you connect headphones - Charliebirdy normal for Spotify to be

How to automatically open Spotify when you connect headphones’listening

Here’s how to configure your phone so that the application starts directly when it’s connected to the Internet’it automatically opens Spotify when you connect wired or wireless headphones.

Benefits of Spotify

When listening to music, there are many services and headphones to choose from. However, it’s normal for Spotify to be the only way to protect your hair’application that we use, this is not’is not in vain that’It’s the most widely used headset on Android.

If we use this streaming application a lot when we are in the street, the normal thing is that we put on headphones, so it would be very useful that the’Here’s how to set up your phone so that the application starts directly when it’s connected.

And c’is what we are going to explain to you, how to open Spotify by simply connecting our wireless headphones via Bluetooth or by using classic wired headphones.

With headphones’wired listening

The first application that we bring to the table is what we will explain to you’calls Headphones Detector and allows us to launch n’no matter what application when we connect the headphones.

To set up the’To open Spotify, simply select it from the list of products you want to use’interface of the’app.

L’next application s’call AutoStart Spotify and all you have to do is’install and the’You’ll be able to open the door, confirming that you want the screen to be open’application s’A shop that opens when you plug headphones (or audio cable) into the audio jack.

And because there are times when we don’t want the’If the application is open because we might use another one like Youtube or Netflix, we can use a widget to enable or disable the automatic launch of Spotify.

With headphones’wireless listening

If instead of’a headset’listening with cable, we use d’other Bluetooth applications, we have to use other Bluetooth applications’other applications.

The first s’calls Bluetooth Autoplay Music. This application is more complete than the previous one and allows us to choose the type of food we want’application to open, Spotify and other’others like Google Play Music, Pandora or Beyond Pod.

In addition, we can select the headphones that will perform this action, so that, for example, it does not start when’it is connected to the car’s hands-free kit.

In addition to the musical functions of My American Market’How to get American products delivered to Nantes’Automatic opening hours’a GPS navigation application or to keep track of your location’screen on at all times.

Another option is AutoPlay Bluetooth Headphones, similar to the previous one but compatible with NFC tags, if we do not want to depend on the widget.

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