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The best video game sagas of the story

Find out what the best video game sagas of the year are’story. Leisure time is an integral part of everyone's life and people tend to relax by watching movies, playing sports and playing video games. Something that’is not out of fashion, it’is to s’sit in front of the TV and lose track of time with a good video game.

The best video game sagas of the’story

What are the best video game sagas ?

Blog for Men offers you a list of the 10 best video game sagas for you to enjoy’Fun and games’fun with you.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy’ has become a media franchise. It was created by Hironobu Sakaguchiy to save Square and their fame allows them to continue with various sequels.

The fantastic saga is known for its innovation, its spectacular music and its well realized character models. A great saga of video games.

Resident Evil

C’is a video game franchise known worldwide for its film adaptations. Resident Evil’ was created by Shinji Mikami and has the same plot in almost all of its versions: a virus s’is spread through the Umbrella Corporation, affects humans and turns them into zombies. This was the’one of the great discoveries for zombie lovers.

Donkey Kong

C’is the’one of the most famous characters of Shigeru Miyamoto-san that I create exclusively for Nintendo. At first, the gorilla in a tie was the’Mario's enemy, but soon his fame grew and he ended up playing in his own video game series. The first of’between them was released in 1994 and s’called’Donkey Kong Country’.

L’one of the most profitable video game sagas is undoubtedly’Halo’. Created by Bungie, the’argument takes us to a science fiction fringe in an interstellar war between the’humanity and an alliance of’aliens called Covenant. L’The focus (in most games) will be on the soldier John-117, a biologically enhanced human and his artificial companion, Cortana.

Age of Empires’

Age of Empires’ is a relatively new series of video games that was born in 1997 and which did not have a name’has been growing ever since. Released on the market by Microsoft Game Studios, this’is a real strategy game where you will have to create a civilization from the beginning by dealing with different historical events. L’one of the most addictive video games you can find.

Call of Duty’

War is a recurring theme in video games and ‘Call of Duty’ is the living proof of it. Developed in the first person by Ben Chichoski, the main character is fully involved in the Second World War, although’he will change his arguments as the different versions are developed. It started in computers and is’is extended to all kinds of platforms.

The ‘Metal Gear’ are known as advanced technology fighting vehicles capable of handling a multitude of’weapons. Putting yourself in the shoes of Snake, an expert in combat and survival techniques, has been very popular with users who try out the games created by Hideo Kojima on a daily basis. Although the’The story varies depending on the video game, as there are different versions.

Grand Theft Auto

It s’acts d’a series of video games where, almost for the first time, you have to put yourself in the place of the "bad guys . The meaning of "Grand Theft Auto" has been very controversial because of the freedom it gives to the players’given to the player during the crime commission. It was developed by David Jones, then by Sam Houser and Dan Houser.

The legend of Zelda

Zelda has become the’one of the best video game sagas in the world thanks to his good work over the years. The critics have approved the’The story of Link created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka and Eiji Aonuma for Nintendo where a young warrior will have to face multiple dangers to save the princess Zelda.

Who doesn't know Mario ? The character created by Shigeru Miyamoto has become a classic icon on Nintendo. It is the’one of the most famous characters of all time in series, movies and of course video games where we’have seen him save Princess Peach, run in car races, play tennis or golf, among others.

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