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DIY: handle gilding like a professional

L’The golden effect of the material is the same as that of the material itself’gold is very popular to give an equipment or an object a noble and aesthetic aspect. For several centuries, there is a simple technique to create this appearance on different types of media which is gilding. Usually used by professionals, it is also used by DIY enthusiasts who want to enhance their work.

Discover all that’you need to know about gilding.

What’What is gilding? ?

Gilding is a very old practice consisting in s speed of delivery’a thin layer of’gold, an object or an equipment. In addition to the’gold leaf’Other forms of metal foil can be used as well. C’This is the case of the gilding sheet’It is as popular as silver leaf’gold because of its noble character.

Regardless of the type of metal foil used, this practice has the same name. C’The first one is a common solution in the professional world, but it is nowadays a very common solution’t is now within the reach of individuals. Inexpensive, gilding is mainly used for decoration.

It sublimates your interior by offering a more aesthetic aspect. If you are a do-it-yourselfer and would like to try this technique to improve the shipping and receiving of your package, you can do so’If you want your work to look like a professional, you will find everything you need in our shop’you need for gilding on an object site specialized in creative hobbies.

Different techniques to obtain an amazing result

We distinguish different gilding processes, the ideal choice depends on the type of support to cover.

For metal objects

The gilding techniques used for metal supports are specific. In this category, there are at least 5 to start with the mercury gilding. This technique involves a mixture of the’gold and mercury.

Once the’If the metal object is covered, it is heated in order to make the mercury disappear. C’This is an effective but rather risky method that is not always easy to use’is recommended that’to professionals. To the’What is gilding?’electrolysis is much more popular because of its advantages. The gold leaf’Gold plating is applied by electroplating.

C’is a simple and economical gilding technique.

For large surfaces, we recommend the gilding with the mixtion which offers an exceptional completion. However, it deteriorates rapidly when in frequent contact with water’other objects. C’This is why we recommend that you use it’Use only for items that are to be gilded’It is a good idea to use a thin layer of paint to protect the architecture, which generally remains out of reach of scratches and shocks.

Vacuum gilding and friction gilding are also frequently used techniques to make your DIY projects more attractive.

For ceramic and glass objects

For ceramic and glass objects, only two techniques are used. It is’is first of all the The first is to choose the wrong technique for your medium’gold on the support. Thanks to a high temperature, the latter melts and adheres to the ceramic or glass.

The second technique is the gilding with the mixtion. C’is a very rare method that requires a certain know-how.

Avoid common mistakes

To have a perfect result and perfectly imitate the original’However, some mistakes must be avoided. The first is to choose the wrong technique for your support. If you are using a gilding technique, it is important to know that it is a very old practice’a technique of gilding intended for a ceramic support to sublimate a metal support, the result will not be satisfactory. We advise you to choose your work equipment and especially your worksheet well’gold.

C’That’s why it is recommended to take care of your home’If you are looking for a professional who markets home improvement products, you can refer to him or her gilding products for hobbyists.

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