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With the COVID-19, how to decorate your home without leaving home ?

During the long weeks of confinement due to the coronavirus epidemic, we all found time to do everything we had always put off to take care of and maintain our homes. Indeed, our homes have become more than ever the perfect place to be’isolate it from the rest of the world’It is important to make your home as comfortable as possible, because it is a place that is outside and should therefore be as comfortable as possible. And since, unfortunately, the epidemic persists, we suggest you to review the decoration of your house so that you can have the’The first step is to set a viable and realistic goal to start with, to place the furniture of your choice, to create the space you have always dreamed of for living, working and entertaining.

Reviving your home is a project that requires time, but for which it is not necessarily necessary to go out since everything is done inside, and that’s good ! Take advantage of our list of rooms to redecorate’ideas for getting out the door’hobby architect’You can use this software to improve your interior design and improve your home while having a very exciting occupation during the days of confinement.

Define your goal and your decorating plan

The first step in the realization of your project will be to set a viable and realistic goal to start with. You can prioritize and determine which spaces need to be rearranged, decorated or reorganized. You can do this by room, perhaps starting with the one you use the most, the one you spend the most time in, the one you’d like to give a “facelift” to, or the one you don’t want to leave’You’ve never used it before.

Modifying one space at a time will be essential to avoid being overwhelmed by the task at hand. Focus on your current need and once you have selected the’space you want to improve, get down to business.

Take measurements for the space you want to decorate

Once the’Once the space to be redecorated has been chosen, it is important to move on to the next step’action. Take measurements of everything and write them down’Don’t forget the radiators, windows, doors, sockets and even the furniture if you want to reorganize them. You can even ask for an online quote if you want to add partitions or do small jobs.

To become aware of the’space you have, make a plan with an adapted scale. You can draw it by hand, taking a small reference measurement (the centimeter) and using this scale to place the different elements of the room. It will be a good way to visualize the’space and everything else you want and can include.

You can use professional tools such as Photo Measures, an application that allows you to take pictures of a room and accurately measure it

Model the project

There are many ways to do it’There are countless applications and websites that can help you with this task. From the creation of’From a complete plan, to the installation of walls and tiles, to the decoration of the rooms, Home Design 3D is an excellent software that you can use to see what your doodles can give in real life.

Try out different furniture and colors

In addition to the many decorating tips that will be useful to you, in applications like Houzz, you will find the possibility to divide the space into two or three sections’The first step is to set a viable and realistic goal to begin your project, and to place the furniture of your choice’Try different shades on the walls and on the floor’Get a fairly realistic representation of your space.

Another digital tool that will help you in the choice of colors is Coolors, an application that allows you to paint the walls or change the color of the furniture.

Still without moving from home, choose modern furniture online by browsing through catalogs of hundreds of models and sizes to find the one that best suits your interior, your desires and your needs. The other advantage of online catalogs is that they give you ideas that could change your plans and lead you on artistic and unlikely paths.

Find the’inspiration

If you like decorating, Pinterest or Instagram can certainly be excellent sources of inspiration. These social networks are full of real gems. There is a wide variety on the web for all tastes.

After you’ve looked at what’s on the market and what fits in your budget as well, put together a Pinterest board for your project’inspiration. It’s like Pinterest but specific to your project. It will help you to see more clearly in all the ideas that have passed through your head or that you have come across on the net.

Organize them by color, by style, with furniture you like, with ideas of’organization that you like and with all the images that send you good vibes.

This table will also allow you to detect the elements that are missing in your selection and to make coherent choices.

Ask for advice, compare offers and order your decoration

During periods of confinement or restriction of movement, many offices of’architecture and design of the peninsula’This table will also allow you to detect the elements that are missing in your selection and to make coherent choices’go to the’before and to carry out certain projects with budgets and designs. Ask them for advice, they will do it willingly and some will even provide you with free estimates.

Take advantage of the time you spend at home to research and compare various options on the Internet to suit your needs and purchase the products you have selected at a lower cost.

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