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9 questions you have about penoplasty

Scientists may say that the size of the penis does not matter, but the vast majority of men do not have a penis’However, the complexity of the problem remains. Many people have’Some of them are embarrassed by the size of their sex, as long as they are not too big’they consider it smaller than average. Going through cosmetic surgery to enlarge or lengthen their phallus is the last resort for some men’between them.

Penoplasty’enlargement, penoplasty’It is a temporary procedure that aims to lengthen the penis or penoplasty by injecting a small amount of fat into the skin’hyaluronic acid… there is no shortage of cosmetic surgery techniques to increase the length and width of the penis. In this article, we review penoplasty, in particular penoplasty by injection of fat’hyaluronic acid. Discover the’essential to know about this technique: the process, prices, results, etc.

1. Qu’is penoplasty ?

Penoplasty is a aesthetic and restorative procedure which has the goal of’enlarge, a’thicken and/or enlarge’lengthen the penis. It can be surgical, in which case it is permanent, or medical. In the latter case, it is temporary.

This means that’it must be repeated at a certain frequency to maintain the result. There are two techniques of penoplasty or surgical phalloplasty.

The penoplasty’lengthening It consists in increasing the length of the penis at rest. For this, the surgeon proceeds to a section of the suspensory ligament of the penis which connects the corpora cavernosa to the penis’pubic bone. The corpora cavernosa, located under the penis, are responsible for the enlargement of the penis’Erection, are then released.

What increases the length of the phallus by about 2 to 5 cm.

The penoplasty’enlargement or d’thickening, This is a very popular technique, which consists in increasing the diameter of the penis at rest. This is possible thanks to a lipomodelling or self-grafting of fat taken from parts of the patient’s body that have fat (thighs, stomach…).

For penoplasty Paris by injection’hyaluronic acid In the case of medical penoplasty, injections are used for the removal of the penis’hyaluronic acid to thicken and/or lengthen the size of the penis. C’It is essentially of this technique that’it will be discussed in this file.

man penoplasty

2. What are the indications for penoplasty ?

As stated above, penoplasty can be performed for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. The purpose of this procedure is to’To bring sexual fulfillment and psychological well-being to all men whose penis size is a major handicap.

Thus, any man who does not feel comfortable with the procedure can have it done’men who feel comfortable with their penis, who are embarrassed by the small size (real or imaginary) of their phallus can use it. L’emphasis is placed on the ” real or imaginary size “The vast majority of men who complain of’a small penis actually have a normal size sex. Anatomically, the normal penis is 10 cm long at rest and 13 to 18 cm long when erect with an average of 15 cm.

In addition, people suffering from proven and medically diagnosed malformations (micropenis) or deformities of the penis can have this procedure.

3. What is the purpose of the injection?’It is interesting to choose penoplasty by injection of a substance’hyaluronic acid ?

L’Hyaluronic acid is a molecule present in the skin’The penis enlargement is a procedure that is performed on the human body and widely used in cosmetic surgery for its benefits to the skin and cartilage. C’is a powerful moisturizing agent that brings hydration, suppleness and elasticity to the skin. In the field of sports, it is used to lubricate and protect the cartilage of athletes.

L’hyaluronic acid is used in medical penoplasty for its volumizing effect. Thanks to the’injection’a certain amount of’With hyaluronic acid, we obtain a thickening as well as a thickening of the penis’a slight lengthening of the penis according to the size and length desired by the patient.

L’The advantage of medical phalloplasty lies in the fact that’it spares you the constraints of conventional surgery: If you are allergic to general anesthesia, skin incisions and sutures, classic complications of surgery, etc. Penoplasty by injection is reversible and painless with a more or less immediate result. In addition, it is possible to remove the penis’hyaluronic acid injection of the penis by administering the’antidote that’is the’hyaluronidase.

The subjects eligible for penoplasty by injection of’hyaluronic acid must be used:

  • be sexually active
  • to have a regular sexual activity
  • be bothered by the size or the size of the penis’thickness of the penis at rest
  • do not have a malformation of the penis

If you are allergic to’hyaluronic acid, suffer from’an autoimmune disease or a chronic disease’an injection of’genital herpes, it is better not to resort to this procedure. Medical penoplasty is also contraindicated in people with a a blood clotting disorder or a history of granuloma.

penis enlargement by injection

4. What are the prerequisites for a penoplasty by injection of’hyaluronic acid ?

To benefit from’a penoplasty, it is necessary consult a plastic surgeon After a thorough clinical examination, the surgeon will decide whether to use this procedure’interest to perform this procedure. The surgical or medical technique is determined according to the reason for consultation (vestibule syndrome, aesthetic aspect, premature ejaculation, thickening of the glans, sexual performance…), the sexual and psychological repercussions of this discomfort, and the patient’s expectations.

To do so, many questions that are related to privacy and the environment must be answered’Intimacy of the patient can be raised: number and quality of sexual intercourse, erections… Transparency is necessary for the expected results to be achieved.

If you have medical pathologies such that’If you have genital herpes or erectile dysfunction, they will be treated before the operation’intervention.

A preoperative assessment is commonly requested to eliminate any possible biological abnormality. For the proper conduct of this medical procedure, some precautions should be taken. You will therefore be asked to’stop smoking if you are a smoker and have a history of smoking’Avoid consuming alcohol’alcohol on the day of the operation’intervention.

You must also suspend all medication containing hyaluronic acid’It is not uncommon to take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs 10 days before the treatment’act. These recommendations are the same for surgical phalloplasty.

5. How a penoplasty procedure with hyaluronic acid is performed ?

Penoplasty by injection’hyaluronic acid’Since it is not a surgical technique, it does not require any anesthetic cream’go to the operating room. You will be given an appointment at the surgeon’s office to proceed with the procedure’injection of hyaluronic acid’hyaluronic acid. It is not’It is not necessary to fast.

On the day of the operation, the surgeon applies an light anesthesia before starting the operation’injection of’hyaluronic acid. It can be done’act either as a substitute for the injection or as a substitute for the injection’A local anesthesia by injection of lidocaine, or a local anesthesia by injection’an anesthetic cream. The two types of injections’anaesthetics can be associated.

Penoplasty by hard injection at least thirty minutes and at most one hour depending on the amount of hyaluronic acid injected’hyaluronic acid to be injected. The practitioner will identify the presence of hyaluronic acid’help of’A grid technique, the’space where the product will be injected. This space is located between the skin and the corpora cavernosa. L’hyaluronic acid is injected through a fine cannula, all around the penis and in contact with the corpora cavernosa for a homogeneous and natural result. The surgeon can also take advantage of the local anesthesia’The procedure to achieve a better erection is more difficult to perform’It is also possible to undergo other medical procedures such as percussion wave treatment.

This procedure concerns erectile dysfunction of organic causes.

It is also possible to’thicken the glans or its crown with the’penis enlargement. It is estimated that’it is necessary to inject at least 8 to 15 ml of’hyaluronic acid injections to obtain a correct thickening of the penis. For the glans, 2 to 4 ml are usually sufficient.

But the type of’The hyaluronic acid used is different.

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6. What are the consequences of the procedure?’a hard injection penoplasty’hyaluronic acid ?

No hospitalization is required’It is not necessary to fast after a penile augmentation by injection. The follow-up is done in ambulatory. The same day of the’medical act, l’The thickening is done with a local anesthetic’about 30% of the time.

It reaches its maximum after 48 hours. It is not’It is not uncommon to use’observe a reactionary edema in the immediate aftermath of the penoplasty. It is resorbed after 15 days and no more’This is not to be confused with a resorption of the anesthesia’hyaluronic acid.

Check-ups are usually done at 1 month and then at 2 months after the procedure’intervention. The purpose of these visits is to correct any deformities by adding or removing fat’hyaluronic acid. The Sexual intercourse is allowed from 72 hours to one week after the procedure’procedure penoplasty by injection of’hyaluronic acid.

Sports activities are allowed and the patient can go about his or her professional activities on the day of the injection’intervention.
Side effects are rare. When’they occur, they are benign and transient: burning, pain, swelling or hematoma, etc. These side effects are related to the use of hyaluronic acid’injection.

7. What is the result?’Waiting after a medical penoplasty ?

The results obtained are variable depending on the person (anatomy) and the amount of surgery’hyaluronic acid injected. L’enlargement of the penis is The result is visible and obvious at the end of the operation’intervention. Penoplasty allows to gain approximately two to three centimeters in diameter What are the after-effects of the surgery?’in erection.

To obtain a more important thickening of the’In the order of four to six centimeters, or even more, the sessions must be cumulated.

As for the length, it is not usual’is not very consequent. However, a slight lengthening is noted especially at rest. The phallus s’As it is thickened, it is heavier and retracts much less than the other ingredients’to the’usually due to the presence of’hyaluronic acid.

C’It is this weightiness that is the basis for the’lengthening of the penis. On the other hand, this last one does not’The penis is not longer in erection than it was before’at rest. The The gain in length observed is permanent, regardless of the variations in length undergone (e.g. cold variations).

L’penis enlargement by injections of fat’hyaluronic acid is temporary. This product is gradually resorbed after’a year. It is therefore essential to Repeat injections to maintain the volume obtained. Indeed, after several injections, the product resorbs less and less. The time between two injections is’Therefore, it is longer.

The choice of the’The duration of the result depends on the type of hyaluronic acid injected. Until’In fact, the use of this type of surgery allows the patient to maintain approximately 70% of the volume for 18 months if the enlargement and the reduction of the size of the penis is done with the help of a special device’The injected hyaluronic acid is adapted to the patient’s needs.

As for the glans, the results are also variable depending on the type of injection’The number of penoplasty sessions is determined by the patient’s anatomy and the number of sessions required’injections. The skin of the glans is not affected’Since the elasticity of the penis is not high, the quantification of the gain is not possible’is not easy. As a general rule, the result is 1 cm of’thickening, regardless of the size of the body’s condition and can last for more than a year’one year.

L’injection’hyaluronic acid on the glans penis n’has no impact on its sensitivity.

8. What are the consequences of medical penoplasty on sexual relations ?

L’medical penoplasty procedure by injection of fat’hyaluronic acid allows to enlarge the penis’improve the patient’s sex life. He finds an acceptable penis size for him, which gives him back his confidence. Its sexual performance is not affected’are more than’improved. L’enlargement and’penis enlargement has an impact on the size in erection.

The retraction of the penis is reduced. The sensations are therefore improved or increased tenfold in women during sexual intercourse.

D’on the other hand, the time of the injection’ejaculation is prolonged. Good news for people suffering from’premature ejaculation. Indeed, thanks to the’s thickening caused by the hyaluronic acid used’injection of’hyaluronic acid, the sensitivity of the penis is reduced.

This results in a better control of the rise of the penis’The patient’s sexual performance is not affected by the procedure’ejaculation.

9. What is the cost of’A penoplasty procedure by injection of a small amount of fat is not necessary’hyaluronic acid ?

The price of’A penis augmentation by injection of’The type of hyaluronic acid injection depends on the desired gain in circumference, the type of ejaculation, and the time of the injection’This is good news for people suffering from thickening caused by the hyaluronic acid used, the quantity of product to be injected (quantified in number of syringes), etc. A detailed estimate is given to you by the plastic surgeon after your first consultation.

It generally includes the cost of consultations, the surgeon’s fees, the cost of the injection and the cost of the product’assistance and VAT. In Paris, a medical penoplasty costs on average between 2 500 and 4 000 euros for a benefit of 2 to 4 cm. The cost of the first consultation is 100 euros on average and the syringes are not included in the price’hyaluronic acids are worth between 220 and 280 euros.

Penoplasty is a useful aesthetic procedure when the size of the penis has a negative psychological impact. It is also essential to correct abnormalities in the size or shape of the penis. The decision to resort to this type of treatment can be made in a matter of hours’The intervention must be carefully considered. Qu’s’Although it is a surgical or medical penoplasty, there are side effects.

The last technique has fewer complications. Although’However, it is up to the surgeon to judge the relevance of the injection’s best technique to use.

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