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Padelreference’s paddle rackets: which models to choose ?

There are certainly many French websites that offer padel rackets, but Padelreference is positioned as a leader in this field. This platform is indeed a reference when it comes to buying padel equipment. However, we must admit that this site is a victim of its own success. With the wide range of offers that it proposes, it is very easy to get lost.

Nevertheless, to make your choice, you can take into account the characteristics of each padel racket.

The Varlion Maxima Summum Prisma W paddle

Among the various paddle rackets offered by Padelreference, you can choose the Varlion Maxima Summum Prisma W. It is identified by its rough surface and its aerodynamic Prisma frame which gives it a round shape.

This model of paddle racket is designed to please the demanding players who are looking for comfort and control of the game. Discover the padel rackets proposed by Padelreference to adults and young people who are looking for the same characteristics for their accessory.

In addition to control, this model of paddle racquet also guarantees a remarkable power of play. This is possible due to the width of the frame which is shaped like a prism.

0 With this particularity, the air resistance is reduced by 10% and the contact point between the racket and the glass is reduced by 90%. On the other hand, the accessory has on its surface, crossed curved lines. Thanks to this feature, you can easily put maximum spin on the ball.

The Siux Astra Hybrid Paddle Racquet

Designed for advanced and professional players, this racquet features a 24K carbon fiber frame and surface. It is a material that offers the accessory strength and comfort.

Its axes are reinforced thanks to the presence of Eva Ultra Soft foam present on the entire surface of the equipment. It should be noted that this technology guarantees excellent flexibility and a perfect longevity of the accessory.

It should be noted that the paddle racket weighs between 350 and 365 g. It’s a weight range that promises optimal control of the game.

The racket also features a 38mm wide frame and a teardrop shape. Thanks to its characteristics, the balance offered by the accessory is intermediate. So you can use it for any kind of game.

The Dropshot Conqueror 7 paddle.0 JMD

The Dropshot Conqueror 7 paddle is 38 mm wide and weighs 370 g.0 JMD offers flexibility, durability, versatility and a soft feel. The CURV360 technology applied to the surface of the accessory is responsible for its countless properties.

It is a combination of carbon and polypropylene. In addition, this model of paddle racket also seduces by its diamond shape which will make you benefit from a remarkable power of play. Not to mention the 3D surface that will give you maximum spin on the ball.

The Bullpadel Shake paddle racket

For players who are new to the game of padel, the Bullpadel Shake paddle is a good choice. With its width of 38 mm and its elegant design, this model offers fiberglass as a surface coating.

With this material, you get a more affordable racquet with a soft feel. In addition, low-density Eva foam and carbon fiber are used in the process of creating the paddle racket. Thanks to these materials, you can be sure to enjoy your equipment for a long time, because it will be resistant.

Moreover, no type of game will be inaccessible to you, because the racket has a mass varying between 360 and 370 g. Thanks to the round shape of the paddle racket, you will also benefit during your matches from a remarkable maneuverability and precision as well as a control on the ball.

The Adidas Match 3 Paddle Racquet.0

If this is your first paddle purchase and you want to get up to speed in the sport, one of the best choices for you is the Adidas Match 3.0. For beginners with a goal like yours, this paddle guarantees perfect control of the game, thanks to its weight between 350 and 365 g.

This accessory model also promises you excellent hitting sensation and power. In addition, to prevent you from feeling vibrations during the matches and to bring you a satisfactory output of racket, the manufacturer has equipped the paddle racket with a soft Eva foam.

Head Evo Sanyo Paddle Racquet

If you want to start playing paddle tennis and have the ability to attack and defend yourself, a paddle racquet worthy of the name should be your ally. Then look no further, because the Head Evo Sanyo paddle racket is the one for you.

With this accessory, versatility is the name of the game, as it comes with a weight of between 360 and 370 g and has a teardrop shape. In addition, resistance is a major advantage of this racket.

The Essnova Carbon 3 Instant T has a carbon structure with power frame technology and a surface coating with Innegra® technology. It should also be added that thanks to its FOAM foam, this paddle will help you gain power and flexibility.

The Adidas Essnova Carbon 3.0

For advanced and intermediate players, the Adidas Essnova Carbone 3.0 will make them happy. With its weight exceeding 370 g and its diamond shape, this accessory guarantees you a remarkable power. You will not have any complexity to attack during the games.

Also, keep in mind that with this model of paddle racket, strength and comfort are the key words. The accessory has a 100% carbon frame and Eva foam. Also, the paddle racquet offers you a good control of the game, because with its Spin Blade technology and the presence of holes in the head, it is easy to give more effect to your shots.

The Nox ML10 Pro Coup Silver paddle racket

If you are a professional, advanced or beginner and are looking for the right padel racquet from Padelreference ? Choose the Nox ML10 Pro Cup Silver. With its width of 38 mm, this paddle is designed in a round shape.

Thanks to this feature, you will benefit from a remarkable maneuverability and it will be easy for you to direct your shots. Moreover, with its mass ranging from 350 to 365 g, there is no complexity in having control over the ball.

Also, you get acceptable power, specifically due to the HR3 Core technology applied to the racket’s core. It should be noted that this technology also contributes to the resistance of the accessory. This rigidity is reinforced by the fiberglass fabric with a metallic finish used as a surface coating.

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