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What are the natural remedies to relieve a migraine ?

In the grip of regular attacks with intense headaches ? There is a good chance that you have a migraine, as migraine is a disease caused by various external and internal factors, depending on the case. This disease affects the quality of life and has a direct impact on emotional and professional relationships’Unfortunately, there is still no effective long-term cure for. However, it is possible to alleviate it with the help of’instant T with some painkillers and variable’other more natural remedies.

Qu’Is it’a headache ?

A migraine is defined by a headache of’variable intensity, also known as headache. It is usually concentrated in one part of the head, on the right or left side of the head. Nevertheless, it also happens that the pain manifests itself on both sides, even at the back of the head or in a more diffuse way, c’i.e. on the’the whole head.

The characteristic of this headache is that it is not isolated but recurrent and it is in rhythm with the heartbeat, in other words pulsatile. Sometimes, migraine can be preceded by a headache’an aura, i.e. disorders :

  • language (difficulty in structuring a sentence and finding words)
  • sensory (tingling on the lips and fingers)
  • Visual pain (colored spots, black veil, light spots, distorted perception of objects)
  • of the’balance and vertigo

If a migraine with aura is more impressive than a migraine without aura, it is a good thing’a migraine without aura, it is not more serious than a migraine without aura’It is not more serious. When the’The aura is only one of the symptoms’Visual and hearing impairments’If the migraine does not have the other disorders mentioned above, it is called an ophthalmic migraine.

Qu’what causes it ?

The Migraine is a neuro-vascular phenomenon, it is triggered by a dilation of the cerebral vessels caused by a nervous stimulation. L’state of the art science and medicine does not allow to define a triggering cause, nevertheless some external factors have been found. We can mention :

Hormonal factors: in women, for example, migraines can occur between two days before and after the beginning of menstruation due to the presence of hormones’a sudden decrease in the level of blood pressure’estrogens.

  • A change in lifestyle: lack of sleep, skipped meals or on time’You can’t do much if you don’t have a big meal, if you’re upset and stressed, if you’re suddenly relaxed.
  • sensory factors: too much continuous noise, flashing lights, smells
  • The consumption of alcohol’If you don’t have the time to eat exciting foods: wine, coffee, tobacco, cold cuts, chocolate, etc.

How to relieve a migraine naturally ?

Unfortunately, no effective long-term cure has yet been developed to treat migraine on a long-term basis. Painkillers are most often prescribed to relieve it, or even stronger treatments.

If you don’If you are not a fan of chemical medication and you hope to relieve your migraine episodes in a permanent way and not only on the spot, it is possible to turn to more natural solutions which will focus on a deep change of lifestyle. To relieve your migraine with a natural background treatment, you can learn relaxation techniques or follow cognitive and behavioral therapies, used to manage stress. Sophrology and yoga are for example techniques where breathing has an important place and which can help you to better manage the occurrence of an accident d’migraine episodes.

It is also possible to have a migraine’It also seems that the work environment should be adapted to the needs of the individual’it is more adapted. If you work on a computer all day long with poor quality lights around you, you can at least install a filter on your computer and adjust the light intensity’light intensity of the’screen. You can also install a less aggressive light and try as much as possible to work with natural daylight.

It also seems that the’Although hypnosis has been proven to be effective, it is used more to prevent migraines than to alleviate them when they occur’it appears.

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