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The essential tools to have in your car

You know me, I love to travel and I love good food ! Apart from that, I’m not really handy with my 10 fingers and yet I’m sometimes obliged to get around. Like many people, I am not able to lift my car’I have my own vehicle so check out the tools you’re bound to need in your trunk.

The tools you need in case of

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that your vehicle has a few problems, a small breakdown, a flat tire, etc., are quick to happen. So to avoid feeling disoriented when faced with such an event, think of taking a survival kit with you on each of your trips.

Everything you need’First of all, think about investing in a krick because your car is often equipped with an electric motor’a spare tire in case of a puncture, but the krick is essential to the handling. Indeed, you won’t be able to do much if you don’t have the right tools’can’t lift your car. In case of a small incident, an anti-puncture spray will also be essential to avoid all the handling on the road.

To avoid overheating, a car refrigerator is also interesting to take with you. Indeed, our vehicles sometimes tend to overheat without any warning’on s’really account for it. Like us, they do not have the same symptoms’It is not necessarily a good idea to stay out in the sun and although it is a good idea to stay in the sun, it is not a good idea to stay in the sun’the machinery heats up even more, and the wine is not as juicy as it used to be.

You can easily find this tool on the internet and especially on the Piecesauto store.en . A necessary tool for your vacation’summer, of’This is even more important with the more and more frequent heat waves.

A small kit with the necessary tools for the maintenance of your car’The maintenance of brake pads and other engine components is also very important. Finally, the last essential accessory: think of having with you some pliers ! For you or for the others, this tool is a must’is not very heavy and quite useful in case of battery failure. We don’t usually think about it enough but this accessory could save your vacations or your journey to work or to pick up your children.

Accessories for the’maintenance of your car

In your trunk (or at least in your garage, if you have one, so as not to take up too much space), it is essential to have a safety deposit box’have the necessary fluid cans for the good functioning of your car. So, think about investing in summer and winter windshield washer, coolant and water’engine oil. It is necessary to’It is also important to regularly check your insurance levels, especially before you leave’To engage on the road of the vacations.

A tool to check the tire pressure is also interesting if you plan to drive a lot and if you don’t have a lot of time’You don’t want to go to a gas station too often. All you have to do is regularly check the pressure by checking the data recommended by your manufacturer. A controlled pressure is a way to avoid the risk of a loss of life’avoid the need for’A vacuum cleaner is also a good way to clean your car regularly from your home to the spouses or dependents’to save a little money’gasoline.

D’From a more aesthetic point of view, a cordless vacuum cleaner is also interesting in order to clean your car regularly directly from your home. For the comfort of all, you can also think of investing in small pads to be adjusted at the level of your collarbone on the seat belt. L’The opportunity to no longer be bothered or injured by the seatbelt.

For the youngest passengers, who are traveling with a car, this tool is a must’If you have a rear seat, you can also invest in a DVD player or a mini pocket TV. You will be able to watch your favorite programs or watch your passengers’ favorite TV shows. A way to save’to make long journeys more enjoyable so that time seems shorter.

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