Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Mutual health insurance: the health of employees more than ever concerned !

With the health crisis in the air, you don’The law requires that the contract be a responsible contract and that it be valid for the whole country, the subscription to a mutual insurance company’It is more important than ever to check your tire pressure’news. Now mandatory in 2016, all companies must offer their employees complementary health insurance, which will be financed by 50% of the contributions. Moreover, with the threat of Covid-19 hanging over the work sector, it may be interesting to subscribe to a provident fund that will compensate workers in the event of an accident’Temporary cessation of work’activity. So how to choose the health insurance that suits your sector and with maximum coverage ? Let’s take stock !

A mandatory coverage

Since January 1, 2016, all companies are required to offer a health insurance to their employees. They are the ones that will finance your trip’The cost of the insurance can be reduced to 50% of the amount of the contributions with a coverage that can be extended to the whole year’to extend to the ground’to spouses or beneficiaries. Here, it’is obviously an optional option, but it can be very interesting, especially if the contract has good guarantees.

As for choosing a compulsory mutual insurance, it is obviously necessary to take stock of the guarantees offered and the sector of activity’activity carried out. However, the law requires that the contract be a responsible contract and that it is not a contract for the use of a third party’it respects a certain number of rules’The food in question is fermentable, it’s organic agriculture with organic wines and discover more and more flavors.

Zoom on the guarantees

When’one is a company that the’when looking for a health insurance for your employees, it is necessary to take stock of your needs and also of the services offered. For example, we are thinking of immediate coverage, with no waiting period and no medical selection. Similarly, with some mutual insurance companies, the contributions paid by the insured are not included in the cost of the insurance’For example, immediate coverage, with no medical waiting period or selection, can be deductible from taxable profits and exempt from social security charges.

C’This is an important advantage to know but also to negotiate with your complementary health insurance. Similarly, some services offer simplified support to save you time. As for your employees, they can benefit from’24/7 assistance to be put in touch with a doctor.

In this period of health crisis and with the’If you’re worried about contracting Covid-19, you can benefit from a number of advantages’is therefore a real asset that you can use to make your employees feel safe.

Subscribe to a provident contract

Always in the register of the legislation, the’The company is also obliged to provide a contingency plan for executives. Nevertheless, with the current threat, it can be interesting to protect all your employees. Indeed, this will allow them to breathe and, above all, to receive daily allowances in case of illness’work stoppage.

In addition, it is’This is an additional security that will allow them to feel confident to continue working’activity.

As for the’company, it is important to know that’The company can benefit from multiple advantages by subscribing to this type of health insurance. For example, you can benefit from an insurance policy’tax advantages with contributions that are tax-deductible and exempt from social security charges. Finally, you should know that all the rates are adjusted and customizable according to each situation, which allows you to find the right balance in terms of your budget and the contract.

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