Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

5 tips to improve your daily life during lockdown

You feel depressed ? The crisis caused by the Coronavirus and the isolation that goes with it can be difficult for many of us. However, there are some tried and tested tips for better living in confinement and not to lose one’s mind while waiting to be able to move freely again.

Keep in touch with your loved ones

Human beings are social animals, so it is essential for your mental well-being not to withdraw into yourself and to maintain links with your family and friends. Whether you’re confined to your office alone, with your significant other or with your family, there are plenty of ways to stay connected to your loved ones: phone calls, WhatsApp conversations, video conference calls, Skype happy hour, online board games… you name it.

Playing sports

Practicing sports reduces stress hormones and stimulates the production of endorphins. Playing sports is an excellent way to live better during confinement.

If it is possible to go for a run outside as part of the government-authorized outings, there is also a multitude of physical exercises that can be done at home. You lack inspiration ? Go to Youtube, where you will find a lot of video tutorials, from yoga to dance, stretching or muscle strengthening.

Maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible

Get up every day at a fixed time during confinement, not going to bed too late, taking the time to shower and get dressed every day are all small gestures that are of capital importance to keep going. In the same way, it is essential to take care of your home: don’t neglect the daily cleaning and tidying. This is your main horizon at the moment, so taking care of it is very important.

Take care of your diet

Containment is also a great opportunity to relearn how to cook, and spend more time at the stove. There is nothing like a good homemade dish to cheer you up when you are feeling a bit down. Be sure to maintain a balanced diet and hydrate sufficiently on a daily basis, so that you don’t end up with an extra 10 pounds at the end of this isolation period.

Take care of your food

Reconnect with your sexuality

Finally, this period of forced slowdown is also ideal for boosting your sexuality. If you are lucky enough to be confined with your partner, why not take the opportunity to innovate under the comforter, for example by testing the naughty games of’adameteve ? This will allow you to get out of the couple’s routine and other things are also possible such as testing new products’try new things.

You are solo ? It’s time to invest in a vibrator, for a great way to make yourself feel good simply and easily. There are different models, it’s up to you to choose what suits you best !

Here are 5 tips for improve your containment. D’This will allow you to get out of the couple’s routine and other things are also possible like trying activities that you always wanted to do, but that you only wanted to do once’had no time, doing some work in your house, etc.

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