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7 ideas to transform your living room

Also known as the “living room”, the living room is the centerpiece of the home’a house or a home’an apartment. Dedicated to family entertainment and entertaining guests, it must be decorated and furnished with care. You want to give your home a new look, but you don’t know how to go about creating a pleasant and relaxing living space ? Discover in the following article 7 decorating ideas that you can use as inspiration when transforming your central room.

Covering sofas with a slipcover

To redecorate your living room, it is not necessary to’is not necessary to change everything. You can trade in one piece of furniture or give it a new life. Main element of the living room, the sofa that furnishes your living room can lose its shine over time. You can give it a makeover by covering it with a new paint’a cover. You can choose a plain, patterned or impenetrable envelope, depending on your taste.

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By opting for a slipcover, you give your sofa a second chance. Your seat will be protected from accidental spills, dust and stains. This tip is the best way to’The ideal alternative if you are a conservationist’environment.

In fact, you reuse your old furniture by giving it a new look and you make an ecological gesture at the same time.

Matching colors to the living room

With the right combination of colors, you can give a modern and attractive image to your living room. Here, it all depends on your taste. L’The perfect combination to have a sober but elegant interior is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere’Choose a cameo, a paint job, or an upholstery finish’A single color, in a variety of colors’infinite on an opposite background color.

In concrete terms, you can choose a beautiful blue for the living room floor and a bucolic green for the ceiling. N’don’t forget to’decorate your home with a lamp, an armchair, a table and a light fixture.

Create breaks in the living room

Another method that will give you a different living room is to move the lines to have an interior all in symmetry. In order to’It can also be drunk cold with ice cubes, depending on what you want to drink’space.You can give your living room a new lease on life by creating a reading corner. This space can be delimited by a beautiful decorative bookcase that you will place across the room.

You can also install an office area that will be separated from the other part of the living room by a plant wall. If you want to give rhythm to the space, play on the colors. You can also create breaks by changing the paint on a piece of wall.

Then match the color of the wall to the color of the furniture or the carpet. By decorating your living room in this way, you will end up with a room that looks like it’s been split into two. The creation of reliefs on the walls and the accumulation of carpets on the floor will also help you play on the effects.

Decongest the living room space to get some air

Today, the trend is to have a minimalist interior. An overcrowded living room is a bit outdated and not at all fashionable. You must therefore get rid of unused or inappropriate objects. Then adopt a custom living room to optimize space without losing functionality.

If you have a small living room, you can use multipurpose interlocking furniture. The back of the sofa can be used as a couch and the seat as a storage box. By de-cluttering your living room, you visually lighten the decor.

To soften the decoration of your living room, omit the tonic colors and prefer ornaments in acidic tones such as fuchsia pink or turquoise blue. The use of smooth materials, glass and metal objects will help you to obtain a lighter decoration. Decluttering your living room will be done with the help of bright materials that highlight the elements of the room. You must banish from your interior, tables and accessories that have open curves or generous shapes.

Prefer simple lines that reveal translucent materials.

If you want to have a clear atmosphere visually, do not focus only on materials. Indeed, the brightness also enters in the line of vision. If you can’t use natural light, you can use LED spotlights, path lights and cornices. Juggle with the shapes and finishes of the lighting fixtures to enhance the simplicity of your living room.

Choose modern blinds over opaque curtains that reduce the barriers between inside and outside.

Use wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in fashion after being neglected for a while. It is used to brighten up a living room that looks a bit sad. This accessory is ideal for drawing the attention of your guests to a corner of your room that you want to highlight. It can be your fireplace or your library for example.

Wallpaper can help you delineate spaces in your living room, such as the reading nook or the office.

Available in several colors, this ornament comes in many forms. You will find on the market, wallpapers that have graphic, geometric, tropical and floral patterns. These can be used to decorate a single wall or the entire living room.

A plain wallpaper with a vibrant color is ideal for a complete living room makeover.

The rule of color matching also comes into play here. If the color of your wallpaper is different from that of the furniture, choose solid colors.

Mix several materials

Very fashionable, the mix and match technique is suitable for those who are undecided about decorating or for people who can’t decide between several styles. To revitalize your living room, this technique allows you to play on the effects, volumes and materials. You can, for example, opt for wood with light colors while focusing on textiles, cushions, thick curtains, plaids and rugs that have different patterns.

Use white colors and shades of green to enhance the mix.

You can also mix dark woods with materials such as copper and brass. Another possibility is to mix the materials that shine. It is to marry aluminum, brass and copper to have a decoration with a clean design and a sober and chic living room.

Very elegant, marble is a material that can be combined with industrial materials or thick textiles. Do not overdo it in decoration. Use mix and match on three materials that will enhance each other.

Tame the walls with dark colors

In vogue at the moment, dark colors can allow you to have a modern living room. Indeed, it is daring to have a dark or black wall in a room where you constantly want the importance of light. Instead of darkening your living room, walls painted in dark blue, green or black reveal the brilliance of your furniture. However, avoid the black or charcoal gray sofa and prefer white, beige or blue seats.

These colors match the beautiful setting you are creating.

To give a pleasant touch to your interior, you can dare the wooden wall paneling. The fact that it is painted black or dark brown is only a detail. It is the wood that makes all the difference. You can enhance the color of the wall by adding a purple sofa and some silver objects to the decoration. You’ll give your living room an even more modern and chic look.

You can paint the false ceiling in white to create an optical contrast and very original. Before painting all your walls in dark colors, think about creating strips, friezes or putting up a few widths of dark wallpaper.

The transformation of’a living room goes through the covering of sofas, the’The fact that it is painted black or dark brown is only a detail’assortment of colors. The creation of ruptures, the’The adoption of wallpaper, the’The use of dark colors and the decongestion of the body’The adoption of wallpaper and the use of space are also part of the actions that will allow you to give a new image to your living room. N’Do not hesitate to put these tips into practice to change your interior design’interior.

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