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L’endometriosis : this still too unknown disease

According to the figures provided by the social security system, 10 out of 100 women suffer from breast cancer’endometriosis in France. It is’acts of’a chronic disease that affects a woman’s reproductive organs and can considerably damage them. In spite of this state of affairs, the’endometriosis is still an unknown disease that rages almost in the greatest of silences.

Being in the month of March; month chosen to celebrate the woman, our editorial staff has decided to commemorate in its own way this day of March 8 by making you discover, through this article, all that the’what you need to know about’endometriosis, its symptoms and how to relieve it.

L’endometriosis, c’is what ?

Before defining the’In order to understand endometriosis, it is important to know what it is beforehand’is that’endometrium. When a woman’s menstrual cycle begins, the tissue covering the inner lining of the uterus, commonly known as the endometrium, becomes thicker and is evacuated at the end of the cycle by the vagina in the form of an endometrium’absence of gestation; c’is the phenomenon of menstruation in women.

So we’re talking about’The use of dark colors and decorating’The endometrium settles out of the body’The endometriosis is a disease of the uterus, whether it is on the fallopian tubes, the ovaries, the rectum, the vagina or the uterus. This uterine tissue can also attach in some rare cases to the bladder or the uterus’bowel. L’s endometrium is bleeding and causing the bowel to leak’endometriosis can cause inflammation of the affected organs but also lesions and/or cysts which are called endometrial nodules’endometriosis.

The disease can be present without any symptoms; the patient does not have any symptoms’Therefore, it takes’to be taken care of.

However, the’Endometriosis can also cause occasional or repeated pain in women, accompanied by infertility, when the woman is not pregnant’Other symptoms up to and including endometriosis can also be diagnosed’to the’infertility. S’There are several theories (genetic, environmental or hereditary hypotheses) that explain the causes of this disease, but it is clear that it is not the only one’It is still not known why the woman is pregnant’Endometriosis affects some women and not others’other. Let us now turn to the various symptoms of the disease.

What is endometriosis?

What are the symptoms of endometrial cancer?’endometriosis ?

If the’endometriosis It can sometimes be an asymptomatic disease, but is usually diagnosed as a result of severe pelvic pain that occurs when menstruation is so intense and excruciating as to incapacitate the victim. These pains, called dysmenorrhea, are the most frequent symptoms of endometriosis’endometriosis. In view of the many organs that can be affected by this disease, there are various symptoms in addition to pelvic pain. It is’is one of the most revealing symptoms of endometriosis:

  • urinary disorders when the patient has endometriosis’The endometrium attaches itself to the bladder;
  • However, it is important to note that this condition is not always easy to treat and that it can lead to constipation and diarrhea when the uterine tissue is attached to the uterus’bowel ;
  • It is recommended that you consult a general practitioner or gynecologist if you notice pain during sexual intercourse when you have endometriosis’It is the vagina that is affected;
  • l’Infertility, when it is not treated’The endometrium attaches to the ovaries or fallopian tubes, which is undoubtedly the most common cause of infertility’one of the most revealing symptoms of the disease’endometriosis. Indeed, many women consult a doctor because they have endometriosis’They have difficulty getting pregnant and then discover that they are pregnant’They are affected by it’endometriosis.

It is important to note that these different symptoms may appear simultaneously or independently of each other depending on the stage of the disease’endometriosis.

What are the symptoms of endometriosis?

How to know if the endometriosis is present’one is affected by’endometriosis ?

Despite all the unfortunate consequences of endometriosis, it is important to know that the disease is still largely unknown and that its diagnosis takes a long time’years. To find out if you are suffering from endometriosis, it is necessary to carry out’It is recommended that if you notice pain during sexual intercourse when you have an endometriosis, you should consult a general practitioner or a gynecologist’It is important to note that these different symptoms may appear simultaneously or independently of each other, depending on the stage of the endometriosis’A general practitioner or a gynecologist.

A series of’To find out if you have endometriosis, you need to undergo a number of tests, including the following’MRI or endometriosis’You will then be asked to undergo an ultrasound scan in order to determine the cause’establish a diagnosis. In addition to these tests and examinations, a surgical operation called laparoscopy helps to detect nodules and lesions and allows the removal of uterine tissue for further analysis. The results of this surgical examination will therefore allow the patient to know whether or not she has’endometriosis.

It is now time to look at the issue of endometriosis’It is important to know what solutions exist to fight against this disease.

How can I get relief from’endometriosis ?

For the time being, technological advances in health care do not yet allow for a complete cure of the diseaseendometriosis. However, when the patient suffering from the disease is properly managed, there is the possibility of limiting the number of symptoms’The evolution of endometriosis’endometriosis and to greatly relieve the pain caused by the disease.

Currently, the basic treatment of endometriosis consists of stopping the menstrual period, administering hormones such as the estrogen-progestin pill to the patient on a continuous basis. Painkillers can also be prescribed by doctors to relieve pain in case it persists despite hormone treatment.

In addition to medication, surgery can be considered if the disease persists and continues to evolve or if the disease has been diagnosed at an extremely advanced stage. L’The purpose of the operation is to remove the packaging’remove the’endometrium fixed on the’target organ. Nevertheless, after the’If you have a uterine tissue removal operation, continue the hormone treatment to avoid any recurrence.

For patients with health concerns, it is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility’Infertility caused by endometriosis, it is recommended to resort to medically assisted reproduction which in most cases allows the woman to become pregnant and procreate.

In short, the’endometriosis Endometriosis is a disease related to menstruation in women and affects nearly 10% of the French female population. C’is a disease, still very little known, which can be very trying both physically and psychologically. Apart from the various hormonal and surgical treatments to relieve and slow down the pain, you should think about contacting your doctor to find out if you have a good diagnosis’other associations fighting against this disease to get support, listening and advice.

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