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What is the’the importance of packaging in marketing ?

The packaging of a product plays a very important role in the sales process. It is one of the triggers of this process, because in order to sell a product, you must first attract the attention of the customers. This is possible when you have a packaging that promotes the value of this product.

Thus, packaging has become an essential asset for the success of a marketing action.

Why propose a quality packaging ?

Regardless of the sector in which your company specializes, or the products you market, you will need a quality packaging to capture the attention of the public and to convince them. Indeed, even if we constantly repeat that we should not rely on the packaging of a product to determine its quality, the human mind is programmed to be attracted by what is beautiful.

So, when you make a point of using quality packaging, it is likely that you show the same rigor in the manufacture of their contents. For this reason, marketing professionals must constantly be on the lookout for new ideas to improve the appearance of the packaging of the company’s products.

In addition, it should be noted that the packaging of a product plays several roles. It is a real communication tool that can convey your brand values. It helps you to improve your visibility through the following functions:

  • Packaging allows the company to differentiate itself: with all the competing companies offering the same services and products as you, it becomes essential for the company’s sustainability to stand out from the others
  • The packaging influences the purchase intention: as we mentioned earlier, the customer’s purchase decision is greatly influenced by the product packaging
  • Packaging is the company’s spokesperson: as the first contact between the company and its customers, this tool can convey the brand’s values and transmit a lot of information.

How to make a good packaging ?

For to make a good packaging, you must first entrust your marketing team with the task of finding colors and designs that best reflect your company’s brand image. Then, you can entrust experts in the field, the care to realize your packaging.

You will also need a3 label sheets to stick on the packaging to increase your notoriety. However, before we get to that step, here are the main principles to consider when creating effective packaging for your products:

  • Highlight the contents of the package, because it is essential that the customer can know exactly what product he is buying
  • To be practical and useful in everyday life, that is to say that a packaging can be much more than a simple package, and facilitate the use of the product it contains
  • Be honest and avoid overdoing it, because if the product inside the packaging doesn’t look like the one in the picture, it will be a blow to your reputation
  • Opt for different shapes and visuals, because originality is what will help you stand out positively from the competition.

When to change the packaging of your products ?

Whether you choose to sell cosmetics or specialize in other areas such as food, packaging will always have an important role to play When you realize that the current design and colors of the packaging are out of fashion and that it is an important part of your marketing strategy. For it to remain effective in the long term, you must think of renewing the said packaging at specific times such as :

  • When you realize that the current design and colors of the packaging are out of fashion
  • When the product changes, either by its composition or its formula
  • When the competition changes its packaging
  • When new products are added to the company’s catalog
  • When the standards for the packaging system or packaging change, etc.

If the purpose of packaging a product is simply to ensure its safety and proper preservation, this is not the case with the packaging. The latter is a real marketing tool that is now an essential for modern companies.

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