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30 rare tropical fruit names

Exotic fruits are increasingly sought after because we like to try new things, new flavors, delicious and unique. In some countries, you can find these foods from tropical countries such as Jamaica, Paraguay or the’Indonesia. You may think you’ve tried many, but there are many fruits all over the world and new varieties are constantly appearing. C’is easy, even if you’ve tried a lot, there are a lot of’sarcodactylis, this food is called Buddha’s hand because it is now cultivated in many countries and if you don’You have not had the chance to try it’If you want to try more than just the local fruits in your area, the following photos from this list will certainly catch your attention.

In GreenEcology we present a list of 30 names of rare and exotic tropical fruits. You will be able to choose between yellow, green, red, pink and even black tropical fruits, would you dare to taste them all ?


To start with this list of rare tropical fruits, we present you the rambutan. It is also known as lichas, Chinese mamón or achotillo and comes from India’Asia, although’sarcodactylis, this food is called Buddha’s hand because it is now cultivated in other countries’Other places like Hawaii and Mexico. Its flavor is a mixture of lychee, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange’pineapple and coconut.

Buddha’s hand

Scientifically named Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis, this food is called Buddha’s hand because it is now cultivated in other countries’it looks like a hand with long fingers and is from the’India and China. Its flavor is a combination of sweet and bitter that delights many people, and even its skin has a culinary use.

Also called white soul or white strawberry, and scientifically called Fragaria × ananassa, is a curious American fruit with the’appearance of the strawberry that has lost its color but flavored pineapple.

Scientifically called Hylocereus undatus, the pitahaya is a food that comes from the Caribbean’Asia and Europe’Central America. C’is the’one of the most exotic fruits in demand today’It is also known as lichas, Chinese mamón or achotillo and comes from India and China, because it has a taste between kiwi and pear, and it is attributed various properties, such as the taste of the fruit’helps to lose weight. It is also popularly known as pitaya or dragon fruit.

You have probably already seen this fruit in a restaurant as a decorative part of the menu’a dessert. Its taste is a bit acidic, which contrasts perfectly with the taste of desserts. It is also known as’uchuva or aguaymanto in some countries.

Kiwano or watermelon’Africa

This food comes from’Africa, but nowadays it’s a very sweet fruit’Today it is also grown in New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and the United States, which makes it easier to find. On the’It is also called African spiny melon, African cucumber, fruit of paradise and kino. It has a sour to bitter taste, but it is more refreshing than the cucumber.

Also called durian or durian and scientific name Durio zibethinus, is a fruit of’Southeast Asia. C’It is a very special exotic fruit because, in addition to the spines of its shell, the interior is also very rich’smell that’It gives off a very unpleasant smell, but it’s not the only one’On the other hand, its taste is very pleasant and appreciated in this region’It has a sweet taste, reminiscent of almonds, and is one of the rarest tropical fruits.

Scientific name Garcinia mangostana, c’It is a fruit that is a little more known because it is a fruit that is very popular’it has been attributed slimming properties, such as its relative Garcinia cambogia, worse also to prevent and treat cancer. It is also’also called Indian or Mongolian Jobo.

D’other names are jaca tree, jack tree or panapen and its scientific name is Artocarpus heterophyllus. C’is the’It is one of the rarest tropical fruits, because with its skin of’It is a fruit that is a little more well known because it has a lot of bark, it does not look very appetizing at first glance, but this fruit native to the region is sweet with a hint of pepper’Indonesia is really rich, because it reminds a mixture between the taste of the’orange and mango.

Also known as lychee or litchi, it is the most popular fruit in the world’is an Asian fruit best known in the rest of the world for being used for decades in many restaurant desserts around the world. The lychee has a sweet taste and a floral aroma’It is why a lot of the rind is used’like.

C’It is perhaps the most delicious of all’one of the few tropical fruits with more common names, such as carambolera, carambolero, torombolo, miramelo, chiramelo, Chinese tamarindo, tamarindo culí, cucumber, star fruit or Chinese fruit, you knew it ? Its star shape and its taste, from the’bitter to sweet, the’have made it very popular throughout the world.

Cayigo or fruit of the snake are two other names given to the fruit of the palm Salacca zalacca. It has a sweet taste with a sour spot, but what is most striking about this food is its skin, because it looks like a snake.

Perhaps you know this fruit better by the common name of nopal. C’is a fruit that originates from’a cactus, known as nopal, is very refreshing and its flavor can vary from one to another’one type to the’It is also known as tuna and also according to its degree of ripeness, ranging from’an almost imperceptible taste, with a sweet and sour taste.

Watermelon Radish

Better known by its English name,’watermelon raddish’, This food is native to China and is large and white in color’outside but pink on the inside’Inside. Obviously, this n’is not a fruit in itself, but a root, but it is usually consumed not only as an accompaniment to dishes and salads, but also as part of some desserts. Its taste is mild but slightly spicy and slightly sweet.

L’Akebia quinata or chocolate fruit is the fruit of Africa’a climbing plant from Korea, China and Japan. D’It has a similar appearance to an eggplant and is very hard to find’a sweet taste, this food is called chocolate fruit because its aroma is sweet but reminds that of cocoa.

Originating from’Latin America, mainly from Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. Also known as copoasu, cupuazú, cupuassu, cupuassu, cupu assu or white cocoa, it is the most popular fruit in the world’is a very sweet fruit.

Fruit of the sky or pumpkin cochinchin are from’Other names. The spikes of its shell and its color may be alarming, but it is not a fruit of the earth’It is not dangerous and it is a good food’is delicious. Those who use it’have eaten say that’it is sweet with a hint of’acid.

Myrciaria cauliflora, guapurú or jaboticaba are some of the names of this bittersweet food that comes from Argentina’It is found only in Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and northwestern Europe’Argentina. This rare tropical fruit is considered a berry and is born very close to the trunk, rather than in the pints of the branches, giving the sensation of coming out directly, as s’it was a mushroom.

Custard apple

C’It is the fruit of the’Annona cherimola tree. The cherimoya has an outer appearance similar to that of the’The artichoke has a sweet taste, sweeter when ripe, and a little acidic when not ripe’is still unripe, reminiscent of sour strawberries and one of the rarest tropical fruits’pineapple.

Also known as seso vegetal, it is born from the acidity and the’It is also known as the Blighia sapida tree and is the most popular fruit in the world’one of the rarest tropical fruits in the world. Originally from’Africa’West and’s name, it is also known as the “strange looking cucumber”’It is now the national fruit of Jamaica, where it has been cultivated since 1793.

Also known as the’urucu or’onoto, it comes from the Caribbean and some regions of Europe’It has a very sweet taste, sometimes almost imperceptible, but its seeds can be bitter.

Devil’s fruit

Fruit native to’It is also called noni, gunabana cimarrona, or blackberry’India. It is currently common in Panama, India and Polynesia. Its taste is bitter and for many it is unpleasant, as its smell.

Known as terap, johey oak and pedalai green is native to Palawan, Borneo and the’Mindanao Island. Its bark is and its taste between sweet and sour’acid.

Platonia insignis has many more names, some are bacuri, pacuri, maniballi, naranjillo and bacurizeiro. D’South American origin, including French Guiana, Colombia, Paraguay and Brazil. Its creamy pulp has a taste between sweet and sour’amer.

Also known as the souari nut, it is a very sweet fruit’It is a rare exotic fruit from Brazil. Its taste is very sweet and its flesh has a strong yellow hue.

Black zapote

Also known as black sapote, it is native to Mesoamerica and South America’part of the cheese’South America. Although its pulp is dubious in appearance, because’It is black, has a sweet taste and a gelatinous texture.

Miraculous fruit

This deep, elongated red berry is native to the United States’Africa’It is a rare tropical fruit because it blocks the area of the taste buds that smell of alcohol’s acidity and acidity’It is a bitter fruit, which makes food sweeter.

More known as tree tomato and also called in some regions sachatomate, Andean tomato, serrano tomato, yucca tomato or chilto. It is bittersweet and comes from Bolivia, Peru and the Caribbean’Argentina.

Native to southern China, it is called’Also called longana or dragon’s eye. Its whitish pulp has a very sweet taste.

Sweet cucumber

Finally, the sweet cucumber, also known as melon cucumber or melon pear, is native to the Andean regions of Europe’It is a South American tree and its taste is very sweet, reminiscent of that of the’a ripe melon.

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