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Men’s pajamas: A true style statement

Yes, gentlemen, wearing men’s pajamas can be classy and stylish. And, it is not because we do not show it in society, that it is not’it should not be chosen with care. So be nice to your better half. Don’t turn your nightwear into a love killer. There’s nothing sexy about wearing an old t-shirt to sleep or hang out at home.

Material, color, shape, long or short pyjamas, follow our advice to make the right choice and reveal your personality in all intimacy.

How to choose the right pajamas for men ?

Choose pajamas for men to be stylish, even at night. The subject may seem a bit odd. Indeed, the male pajamas is a great absentee of the articles dedicated to the clothes for men. And yet, it is part of the basic nightwear of the male gender.

But, like other pieces of a trendy man’s wardrobe, it had fallen a bit out of fashion.

In order to dust off this old-fashioned image, new models of pajamas for men have appeared in recent years. More modern and trendy. Follow our guide to choosing them and find inspiration.

Men’s pajamas : the essential criteria to make the right choice

To be elegant and stylish in men’s pajamas, you must choose them carefully. Four main criteria are to be retained.

  1. The size to feel good and be comfortable
  2. The material for comfort and elegance (flannel pajamas or silk pajamas)
  3. The cut for a style that fits you (classic, jogging pajamas, t-shirt)
  4. The color to mark your personality (plain, patterned or plaid pajamas)

The size

Choosing a pajama is first of all choosing the right size. Like any other garment, men’s pajamas must be comfortable to allow you to spend a good night. What’s worse than a pair of loose pants that comes down with every movement or a T-shirt that goes up when you change position while sleeping?.

The material

Another criterion that is important when choosing a man’s pajamas: the material. Cotton or jersey knit for comfort, flannel for softness and warmth or silk for class, this choice is also very personal.

But be careful, when it comes to nightwear, your taste will definitely betray you. A silk pajama for man does not send the same image, nor the same message as a flannel or knitted pajama.

The style

Choosing pajamas for men means revealing who you are in the privacy of your home. Men’s pajamas are a sign of your personality, think about it when you choose them. Long or short, wise or sexy, dare to assert yourself in pyjamas.

  • Long jogging pajamas appeal to men who are comfortable and relaxed. If you appreciate the comfort of an outfit that you can also wear as loungewear, these models are for you.
  • The mythical button-down pajamas for men ! This model, a real night suit, is very elegant, but has an old-fashioned connotation. It is easier to imagine it on a mature man than on a millennial, because it has the advantage of being easily removed. Perfect if you suffer from joint pain. It can be worn as indoor clothing for a neat and very chic look.
  • The pyjacourt composed of shorts and a tee-shirt, is resolutely modern. Freedom of movement assured for this nightwear adopted by young and not so young men. Its design in the air of time to the coast.
  • The nightdress for men ! This one is not at the top of the sales. The look of this nightgown or pajamas is really very old-fashioned and is not unanimously appreciated by these gentlemen. We imagine it, worn with a night cap and flanked by slippers. The top of the nerdiness for many.
  • The romper or romper for men “adult. Let’s not lie to ourselves, this outfit is to be offered for the “fun”. Very inconvenient for nightly peeing, it is not very glamorous either. To be reserved if your companion has a lot of humor or for sleepovers when you don’t take yourself seriously !
  • Wearing only pajama bottoms for men, can also be a very sexy way to reveal a nice muscular chest. Conversely, wearing only the top is not necessarily very attractive..

The color

The color of a man’s pajamas is not the same as the color of a woman’s pajamas’is not insignificant. It can reveal a lot about your personality.

  • Plain men’s pajamas are still a must in terms of style’elegance. It is often associated with men’s pajamas with a jacket, enhanced by a border of contrasting color.
  • Checked pajamas bring dynamism to this nightwear that can also be worn during the day. It can be completely plaid or reserve it for the bottom, keeping a plain top. Very trendy since a few years thanks to the cottage fashion, its male and cocooning side pleases a lot.
  • Men’s pajamas with stripes are quite classic. It is often the top of the pajamas that is suitable for thin or wide and more or less colored stripes. The pants remain plain.
  • Men’s pajamas with pattern(s) suit a young, casual and sometimes humorous look. Whether it’s a sporty, manga, unicorn or other motif, this style of pajamas for men is always popular.

Men’s pajamas are back in vogue

Men’s pajamas are back ! Revamped and modernized, it surfs on the organic wave and offers models in natural fibers, such as cotton. Updated, it can become a very good gift idea. Nightwear, it can also be transformed into homewear.

A matching bathrobe and slippers will complete your look on cooler evenings or mornings.

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