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Epicery: the site to find quality merchants nearby

Epicery takes on the challenge of delivering your groceries in 1 hour. You no longer have to go shopping. Simply order what you need and it will be delivered to your home within the hour.

The concept of Epicery

The Epicery website is a marketplace that offers its customers a home shopping delivery service, to the’opposition to’a Drive that’you have to go for it. The idea is set up by Édouard Morhange and Elsa Hermal to gather on an e-commerce platform the best French craftsmen and tradesmen. At the very beginning, the site started to be known in Paris and then, quickly, it became known throughout the metropolis.

With the Epicery concept, you can order all your favorite food products through an app or website. They arrive at your home within an hour of your request being confirmed. Epicery’s mission is to offer seasonal, fresh and high quality products.

Hence its commitment to collaborate with local businesses that offer fresh products excellent for health.

The e-commerce giant (yes, because it can be compared to stores like Amazon) is for everyone. However, it’s not surprising that the largest number of its customers are mainly individuals. The latter are often overwhelmed, shopping online eases their schedules.

They can go about their business while waiting for your groceries to be delivered.

What are the products available on Epicery ?

Epicery has evolved since its creation and is developing more and more categories to meet the demands of consumers as well as artisans and producers who wish to offer their products online.

Today’Today, a wide range of fruits and vegetables available in retail or in baskets, always respecting the seasonality of the products. In order to meet a wide variety of needs’several Kosher butchers are to be found in a dedicated category. You will find good deals, ready-to-eat dishes and, for the most discerning palates, products of the highest quality Best Craftsmen of France.

Some producers sometimes offer products adapted to the season’vegan food.

Today’Today Epicery is in partnership with Naturalia, Naturalia Vegan and Monoprix to promote local merchants even more.

What are the prices on Epicery ?

The company’s objective is to to highlight the value of the food industry that are not well known and yet offer excellent quality products. If you place an order with the Epicery e-commerce site, you should know that the products delivered to you come from merchants located less than 5 kilometers from your home, it is advisable to prepare a shopping list to know your needs and not forget anything when ordering to avoid a second delivery.

As far as prices are concerned, they are identical to what your local baker or grocery store offers. No margin is imposed by the company. This is why it is so interesting to use their service.

You pay the same price as if you had gone to the seller to make your purchase.

Currently, there are nearly 400 merchants who sell their products through this marketplace. A courier is in charge of delivering the orders of each customer. Whatever your situation, you can rest easy when it comes to your shopping.

You have everything you need on time and at the same price as the market.

How is the delivery of the products done? ?

Epicery delivers fresh products to the customer’s home. This can be done within an hour of ordering or at a later date. It is possible to order within 3 days.

The customer makes his order by using the e-commerce application or by doing his shopping online.

To ensure the quality of the food that is delivered to the customer’s home, the brand has called on a expert in food products. It is from this principle that a careful selection is made of all the artisans and merchants who collaborate with it.

The delivery price is fixed, regardless of the number of groceries to be delivered. This food-tech specialist even offers discounted delivery prices at certain times of the year. It is a way for him to increase customer loyalty and attract new ones.

My opinion on Epicery

I like the concept of fresh food that is not local but rather short-range, which is easily accessible on the internet. Before, you had to travel to meet the merchants and craftsmen of the city. From now on, it is enough to make some clicks to have all our fresh products to carry hands, without making the least effort.

Not only does the concept provide a service to customers, but it also highlights the small shopkeepers who are often hidden by the big brands.

Shopping on Epicery is a quick and easy way to eat better and even to eat organic despite a busy schedule. Whether I come home late from work or can enjoy a good night’s sleep, I can’t help but feel that I’m in the right place at the right time’a quieter time, I don’t have to’I don’t have to worry about the errands that are going to take up my time’to be delivered to my home while being guaranteed to consume good products. J’I also have the pleasure of supporting small local businesses and artisans.

Frankly, I highly recommend the Epicery concept.

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