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How to choose a mattress adapted to your needs ?

Your mattress n’It is no longer in its prime and your health is beginning to suffer’feel it ! You must look for a mattress that will fit your needs’a new support to preserve your back, your shape and your dreams at the same time… A restful sleep can only be done in a mattress adapted to your needs. Do not make the’I don’t have to worry about the errands that are going to keep me up all night to make my days more dynamic !

The support of the mattress

A mattress should be neither too soft nor too firm and take into consideration the health problems of each person. However, a firm mattress for a small person will be less suitable than for a person with a larger build. You will remember that the firmness of your mattress depends on your body. Similarly, if you sleep with two people, the weight and height of each person should be taken into consideration for the mattress’purchase of’a good mattress at Literie Selestat.

The size of the mat

Many people turn to large mattresses of 160X200 cm, to optimize their comfort, especially when they have to sleep on a bed’There are two of them ! But be careful, check that the size of your bedroom is not too large’ready for it. You should not be at the’You must look for a narrower mattress to move around the bed, at the risk of regretting it when you have to do it every day. As a general rule, a mattress for one person measures 90X190 cm and for two people 140X190 cm.

To select the right dimensions, remember that the mattress must be larger than the rest of the bed’about 20 cm, to be comfortable.

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