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The best professional hair clippers in 2021

In the world of hairdressing, a clipper is an instrument used to cut hair and beards. With the evolution of technology, it is now possible to be beautiful at home without going to a barber shop. To have a better result, you should take into account the characteristics of the device.

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Important details for a professional hair clipper

The power circuit is very important for a good. For hairdressing salons, it is preferable to opt for clippers with variable length wire connecting them to their mains. However, the professional must choose a clipper whose length of the wire is adapted to the devices of his workshop.

In addition, there are models of battery operated hair clippers with at least 60 minutes of autonomy after a charge in inactive mode. Also, the top of the device plays an important role. Most of them are designed with movable components offering ease of use for different cuts.

In these cases, the material is sold with about 5 different heads with a height between 0 and 40 mm. The height of the components allows for several successful haircuts. The advantage is that you won’t have to worry about one of the heads being defective. If there is also an aspect not to be neglected, it is obviously the power of the device. The most powerful ones are suitable for curly, frizzy or straight hair.

In addition to these elements, you should choose a clipper with a better quality blade. They will offer you a very satisfactory result. Discover the best hair clippers.

The Panasonic ER-1611

Equipped with a linear motor, it offers a stable power throughout the cut whatever the type of hair. Even after thirty minutes of activity, the result obtained is fabulous. Note that when the appliance is charged, it automatically switches to standby mode, thus limiting energy consumption. The blades of the Panasonic ER-1611 are very strong because they are made of titanium-carbon fiber. Everything that ensures the realization of very exact cuts.

Its soft-touch-grip design makes it easy to hold. This jewel is sold and delivered with a composition of three heads in addition to the loading support.

The Remington REM-HC5810

If you are a home hairdresser, this model of clipper is very convenient for you in wired or wireless use. It comes with a small storage case and a wide selection of cutting accessories from 3 to 40 mm. Novices don’t have to worry because the device’s haircut heights are preset between 0.8 and 2 mm. For this model, the tears are equally resistant to humidity.

The Remington REM-HC5810 is made with Advanced Ceramic technology. The charge of this device is done in 1h30 for an autonomy of 40 minutes.

The Wahl Detailer

This tool is designed with an outstanding design ensuring a precise and flawless result. In terms of safety, the blades are protected to avoid injuries from carelessness. You also have the possibility to adjust the cutting plate according to your preferences. The power of its motor is unbeatable.

This allows all kinds of hairstyles.

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