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7 sure recommendations to choose your wine

At the table, wine is one of the most recommended drinks to accompany meals. For some, the red is made for meat and poultry. While for others, the white is the ideal companion for seafood. There’s something for every taste and preference.

However, for the layman, choosing the right wine is not always easy. It is an exercise that requires the respect of certain parameters.

How to choose your wine ?

Calling on a cellarman

The use of a wine merchant is the safest way to choose a bottle of wine. He is indeed the best placed to give you the best advice in this field. It knows which wine to suggest to meet your needs and tastes. In this regard, we recommend the opinion of the professionals at

Consulting an oenologist has another big advantage. The Remington REM-HC5810 is able to tell you which bottle of wine to open or to keep for special occasions.

Also, with the wine merchant, you have the possibility to taste the wine before buying it. It’s a great opportunity to discover new vintages. Secondly, it represents a better way to reassure yourself of the quality of the wine you are going to buy. Moreover, this professional knows what to serve according to the occasion, the menu and the guests.

In addition, you have the opportunity to make bulk purchases.

Choose according to the vintage

The vintage is an important parameter when you want to choose your bottle of wine. Generally, the flavors of a wine vary from one year to another. This is a phenomenon that can be explained in large part by the effects of the weather. The vintage is actually the year in which the wine was grown, harvested and vinified.

This drink does not taste the same in a wet spring or a sunny summer. It should be noted that not all years are equal in this respect. Also, the vintage can be good in one region and bad in another.

To avoid making mistakes, don’t hesitate to buy a guide to help you make your choice. However, if you don’t have access to a guide, you can use the services of websites specialized in this field. In any case, the recent vintages of 2016, 2015, 2010 and 2019 are all recommended.

They are sure to suit your preferences.

Choose according to the menu

For wine, there are red, white and rosé wines, etc. However, not all medals go with all menus. Thus, you have to take care of the food-wine agreement before making your choice. Generally speaking, the more elaborate the dish, the lighter the wine should be.

The latter must be adapted to the meal you want to enjoy. A festive meal, for example, is not accompanied in the same way as a barbecue with friends. Thus, a bottle of light rosé would be perfect for a barbecue.

It is also recommended for starters and aperitifs.

On the other hand, for simmered dishes and gratins, red wine is the best choice. Fish, white and light meats, shellfish are easily digested with white wine. In the same vein, mature cheeses are better suited to red wines. While light and grilled fish or seafood go perfectly with white wine.

In any case, several guides are available to tell you more.

Do not choose according to the price

Many people think that the more expensive a wine is, the better it is likely to be. Nevertheless, this is an assumption that is not always verified. The quality of wine does not necessarily depend on the price.

It is true that with the most famous classified growths that are exorbitantly priced, one is always sure not to be disappointed. However, choosing the most expensive wine in the supermarket does not guarantee quality. It is indeed possible to find a very good bottle for just 10 euros.

Generally, wines that are meant to be kept are more expensive than quick-drinking wines. Rest assured, these can be just as delicious. New wines, even if they are not well known, can surprise you pleasantly. It is therefore necessary to get the right information before deciding on the choice of your bottle.

Be aware that the price remains an essential parameter. Do not fall into the trap of being too cheap. For example, a 5 euro wine has little chance of being a good wine.

Do not rely on medals

In your search for the right flavor, you may come across bottles with a gold medal sticker. Do not be fooled by this marketing argument. This badge is not a sufficient reason to acquire this or that bottle of wine. In fact, they are decorations awarded during certain competitions. However, these competitions do not always meet the requirements in terms of quality.

Very often, these are marketing tricks aimed at reassuring consumers.

For this, do not panic if your bottle of choice does not include this brand. This may simply be due to the fact that the producer did not have the time or opportunity to participate in this kind of challenge. However, we must recognize that some medals are a guarantee of good quality.

You just have to find the right one, or find out about it.

Taste (if possible) before buying

To know the flavor of a wine, it is necessary to taste it. Thus, tasting a wine becomes an imperative if one wants to be reassured of its quality. Fortunately, this is a possibility that you have in the places of sale and distribution. These include properties, wine fairs or sommelier’s shops. In these places, you can taste the wine even if it is in moderation.

This makes it easier for you to buy your wine whether it is to be stored or opened for a special occasion.

Moreover, by tasting the wine, you are sure to choose the profile you like. You can then stock up in order to enjoy this flavor for a long time. As we all know, wine is a special commodity and harvests are not as juicy from one year to the next. So don’t hesitate to try new flavors.

In this field, there are always new things to discover.

Trust the big brands and domains

Not all wines are equal. That’s why some bottles cost more than others. When you don’t know anything about it, it is better to trust the big names in the field. With the classics, you are usually very sure you are making the right choice. Apart from their high prices, the big names rarely disappoint.

For the neophytes, it is better to prefer a bottle from a big estate rather than from a small unknown property.

However, don’t always stay in your comfort zone. The world of wine is a world of adventure. Don’t be afraid to discover new sensations. Taste unknown wines often.

Participate in wine fairs and visit wine estates. You won’t always regret your trip. New flavors await you.

You can also open the doors to the’The food in question is fermentable, so it is important to be aware of organic farming and organic wines and to discover more and more flavors.

Wine is one of the best accompaniments for meals. Whether it is white, red or rosé, each flavor is a source of delight. It is true that with the big marks, one is sure to choose the good quality.

However, the advice of a professional wine merchant is always recommended.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation “.

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